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After 66 years and 15 generations, the crown has returned between inheritance and reform


Crown CROWN has a history of 66 years and 15 generations. As a classic representative of Japanese cars, it demonstrates an Eastern car-making philosophy. Its high quality, reliability and high comfort have won the crowd of consumers. It can be said that Crown CROWN has constructed the brand belief of the Chinese people. Today, the first SUV “Crown Lufang” under the “Crown CROWN brand” has returned with a new platform and a new look. Crown Lufang is positioned as FAW Toyota’s high-end flagship SUV. Thanks to the advantages of the TNGA-K platform, Crown Lufang has comprehensively improved the appearance design, interior quality and powertrain. It is not an exaggeration to say that it has been reborn. The products are not only sedans, but also cover independent brands of SUVs and MPVs, etc. In the future, Wilfa models will also use the Crown LOGO. The youthful appearance makes Crown Lufang attract a large number of young consumer groups. Under the dynamic and atmospheric appearance, the new powertrain is also a major improvement. Toyota is the leader in the field of hybrid electric power, with the blessing of Toyota’s new-generation HEV system. The 2.5L DYNAMIC FORCE engine of Toyota’s fourth-generation hybrid system has a thermal efficiency of 41% and a more linear power output. , More smoothly, can be summed up with a simple word: that is calm. Don’t worry about insufficient power or high fuel consumption. In addition, the Crown Landing is equipped with the E-Four electronic four-wheel drive system. All you need is to concentrate on driving, and the other is left to Crown Landing. The 7-seat layout of 2+2+3 is flexible and changeable. Whether it is a two-child family or even a three-child family, multi-occupant travel can be easily realized in front of Crown Land Plaza. Why does the word “crown” give rise to a sense of high-level? That’s because there is a set of “Crown Standards.” The Crown Lufang is based on this set of Toyota’s top quality standards: more than 2,000 strict quality inspections; Toyota Global Quality Audit (SQA) “0 Bad” pass rate; simulation of high temperature and cold environment, extreme road conditions; The high-level sense of driving of a car is inseparable from the excellence of NVH. Crown Land puts high-efficiency sound insulation glass and soundproof materials; the addition of polymer vibration damping materials and vibration isolation materials makes it quiet to drive. Therefore, every Crown Lufang is a fine workmanship of the “Crown Standard”. This is where the model with the Crown logo is different from other models. Whether a car is comfortable or not depends on the tuning in many places. For example, Crown Land optimizes the steering wheel angle and pedal position to give the driver a more comfortable driving posture. The chassis adopts a flat aerodynamic bottom cover, the coverage area is expanded by 25%, and the wind resistance is effectively reduced. At the same time, the vehicle adopts a front Macpherson + rear double-wishbone suspension combination that takes into account both comfort and support, which effectively reduces the body roll phenomenon when the vehicle is cornering at high speed. In terms of safety that consumers are increasingly concerned about, the TNGA high-rigidity car body has improved the torsional stiffness of the car body by more than 60% through a new ring structure, a new sturdy new joint structure, and methods such as increasing the welding position and optimizing the welding position. At the same time, in order to improve the collision safety of the vehicle, the body frame uses hot stamping materials with a tensile strength of up to 1500MPa; the impact of the frontal collision is distributed to the entire passenger compartment through the lower crossbeam of the instrument panel to protect the occupants. In addition, in order to obtain a good driving field of vision, the position of the engine hood, front windshield glass, and rearview mirror has been optimized during vehicle design, which greatly reduces blind spots in the field of vision. Since the 1950s, Toyota has used its own technology to create the first generation of “Crown CROWN”, which combines the latest design concepts and many cutting-edge technologies to establish its unusual high-end position. The first generation “Crown CROWN” Since then, each update iteration of “Crown CROWN” has its special meaning. The second-generation Crown “CROWNEIGHT” became the prototype of the Toyota Century, a member of the Japanese royal family; the third-generation “Crown CROWN” opened the high-end private car market for the first time, allowing ordinary people to enjoy a happy and high-quality life; the fifth-generation “Crown” “CROWN” is equipped with an electronic injection engine and the world’s first 4AT gearbox for the first time, raising the powertrain of a car to a whole new level; entering the millennium, the eleventh generation of “Crown CROWN” relies on the layout of front and rear drive. , To maximize the driving performance of the vehicle… It can be said that each generation of “Crown CROWN” has become the dream car of generations of consumers while creating one classic after another. The eighth generation “Crown CROWN” For Chinese consumers, it is also the “Crown CROWN” that really arouses people’s awareness and yearning for “luxury cars”. Especially in the 1980s, the “Crown 3.0” (eighth-generation JZS133 series) with gold standard configuration became synonymous with Japanese luxury, and it was a household name. In the early 1990s, the Toyota brand accounted for 37% of the 6,800 Japanese cars imported by China every month, and the Crown accounted for 24%, which shows its position in the high-end car market in China. The twelfth generation “Crown CROWN” In 2005, the twelfth-generation “Crown CROWN” was produced domestically by FAW Toyota. With its leading technology, quiet and comfortable driving experience and unique quality, it was once again sought after by the Chinese and far more popular than other luxury brands. For Chinese consumers, “Crown CROWN” is not only a car, but also an image of “a good car forever”, which carries the memories of people from different times and builds the brand belief of Chinese people for high-end cars. For FAW Toyota, 2021 is a crucial year to fully launch the brand upward campaign. As the first SUV under the “Crown CROWN brand”, Crown Lufang will be an important product that will continue to lead the FAW Toyota brand upward. Its addition will further improve FAW Toyota’s SUV product matrix to meet the higher-quality travel needs of users in the era of consumption upgrades. Toyota has always adopted a two-car strategy in China. Corolla and Ralink, RAV4 Rongfang and Weilanda, Lingshang and Asia Lions, now in short, the name Crown has sentimentality and will attract a large number of young people, all of whom have experienced China. Crowd of change in the automotive industry. The Crown Lufang has a pleasing appearance, and the hybrid system reduces fuel consumption to a very low level. It is also a fuel-efficient thing to drive a large SUV. For more original hot car information, please pay attention to 58 car micro-signal: wubache