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After breaking up with a 73-year-old billionaire, Co Ngan actively dresses sexy, sexy


Co Kim Ngan, a 27-year-old girl who just broke up with a 73-year-old billionaire, has a seductive body with a sexy dress. Recently, she registered for the beauty contest Miss Universe Vietnam 2021.

After breaking up with billionaire Wynn Katz (73 years old) – CEO of a fashion company in Los Angeles (USA), Co Ngan actively shows off her hot body and sexy dress on her personal page.

Co Ngan’s real name is Co Thi Kim Ngan, born in 1994 in Ho Chi Minh City. In 2018, she participated in the reality show “The Bachelor Vietnam – The single guy 2018” and impressed when she had a personality face, a height of 1m70 and a straight personality. She was also dubbed the “copy” of Lan Khue by the online community with a similar stature like a senior.

Co Ngan owns a sexy body, this helps her conquer all sets of sexy clothes like a 2-piece bikini.

Having honey brown skin and long sexy legs, she is quite confident wearing tight-fitting outfits or deep breasts showing her body advantage.

Cut-out dresses at the waist and showing off the bare back often appear in Co Ngan’s wardrobe.

The set of bare-back clothes helps the 27-year-old beauty show her very sexy back.

Another time, she walked down the street with a daring back-cut croptop paired with high-contrast waistband pants.

Cut-out dresses with daring gaps are actively promoted by Co Ngan.

Neck Ngan looks both stylish and seductive when wearing a white suit with a gap in the second round.

Wearing a tight dress with ruffled details, Co Ngan showed off her full round 1 with perfect curves.

The perfect curves of the 27-year-old beauty are embellished in a tight-fitting dress.

Her neck shows off her slim and toned waist with a blue croptop set. Photo: FBNV.

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