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Amazon Strikes on “Prime Day” It is precisely during the “Prime Day” discount campaign that there are going to be strikes at seven locations of the online retailer Amazon in Germany. In Bad Hersfeld, employees have already stopped working.


Amazon On “Prime Day” there is a strike

Status: 21.06.2021 1:11 p.m.

Ironically, during the “Prime Day” discount campaign, a strike is to take place at seven locations of the online retailer Amazon in Germany. In Bad Hersfeld, employees have already stopped working. At the online retailer Amazon, a few hundred employees in Bad Hersfeld went on strike today at the start of the “Prime Day” discount campaign, which is taking place today and tomorrow. The Verdi union called for a strike at seven Amazon locations. In addition to the two logistics locations in Bad Hersfeld, Hesse, these are Werne, Leipzig, Rheinberg, Bad Hersfeld, Koblenz and Graben. The background to the strike is the wage dispute that has been smoldering for years between the union and Amazon. Verdi has been fighting for years to ensure that Amazon employees get a collective agreement and are paid according to the tariff for retail and mail order.

March 29, 2021

Fight for collective agreement Easter strike at Amazon

Before Easter, the ver.di union called for a strike at six German Amazon locations.

According to Verdi, around 3,300 women and men work across all five shifts in Bad Hersfeld. Since Sunday night they have been called to participate in the action planned until Wednesday. On Monday morning, the union counted around 300 people absent from work.

Group: No impact for customers

“Amazon spends millions on advertising and makes billions of dollars in sales on the days of the campaign. The employees in the shipping centers have to cope with the influx of customers and don’t get a cent for the increased workload,” said Orhan Akman, who is responsible for retail and mail order at Verdi. Amazon said the group does not expect any impact on customers. Amazon already offers “excellent pay, excellent additional services and excellent career opportunities – all in a safe, modern work environment”.

December 21, 2020

Until Christmas Strike at six Amazon locations

Amazon employees at six German locations have been laying down their work since Monday – in the middle of lockdown.

A spokesman pointed out that the starting wages for all employees in the German logistics network would be increased to the equivalent of at least twelve euros gross per hour from July. In autumn 2022, this is expected to rise to 12.50 euros. In addition, Amazon pays a special allowance for overtime, life and disability insurance and contributions to company pension schemes.

“Far from recognition and respect”

Amazon’s payment currently lags behind Verdi’s tariff requirement in retail and mail order, which is 12.50 euros for all employees. The union is harshly criticizing the group: Verdi called the announced increase in starting salaries to twelve euros per hour “cynical and far from recognition and respect”. Amazon behaves “like a landlord” who, when in a good mood, “has a few benefits for his day laborers”. The trade union is demanding that the federal government facilitate the path to generally binding collective bargaining provisions so that all companies in the respective industry are bound by them.


Mail order company Amazon Call for a strike around “Black Friday”

The bargain day “Black Friday” usually complains the online retailer Amazon with strong sales.