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Some of the niche attractions in Hefei are the original ones that make tourists truly linger. How many have you been to?


Welcome everyone to my small travel world, to travel through thousands of mountains and rivers, to walk through the yellow sand and ocean, just to share with you the beauty of this world. If you also like to travel, then follow my steps and set out with the camera. !

Anhui is still a major tourist province, and the southern part of Anhui is rich in resources. Moreover, Hefei, Anhui, will have some large and small attractions, such as Binhu Wetland Park, and ancient towns, etc., which are all attractions that tourists will pay attention to now. Of course, there are some niche attractions in Hefei. It is now that tourists can visit and visit, especially such a few niche attractions, which can make many tourists linger.

After arriving in Hefei, tourists can still see various ancient towns. Among them, the ancient town of Changlinhe may have been heard by many tourists, but there are also some tourists who have not actually been there. In fact, after coming here, I will find that it is surrounded by mountains and rivers and has a good scenery. The ancient town of Changlinhe is mainly located in Feidong County, Hefei, so it has a good geographical advantage. After coming here, you can also see Siding Mountain here. In addition, because the altitude here is not high, there are many historical stories. And there used to be many celebrities, including some newcomers, who would choose to take wedding photos here.

Walking into the ancient town of Changlinhe, you will find that the old street belongs to the famous place here. This is because it has reached its heyday and has hundreds of shops, but all of them are mainly through department stores or pubs. Among them, there will be some open shops, carved into wooden windows, because the ancient town is No fees will be charged, so it is best for tourists to choose to visit here on weekends, mainly because some of the small attractions here will be all open on weekends. Moreover, the characteristic farm dishes here in the ancient town have become the choice of tourists. You can choose to taste the local Chaohu Sanzhen, and some fried whitebait sold by small vendors. The taste is very good, and tourists can taste it. Fan. For some couple tourists who come here to travel, the love tunnel in Hefei is also a good choice for themselves. In addition to the love tunnel in the lakeside wetland, there is also the love tunnel in Feidong, which is a section of abandoned railway. Because the trees on both sides of the railway are relatively luxuriant, it can directly surround the railway, just like a natural tunnel. The entire tunnel is about 20 kilometers long. When you come here, you can still take pictures and check in, as if you are witnessing your love. general. Since you are in Feidong, Qingyang Mountain is also a good choice for tourists. Qingyang Mountain not only has a lot of beautiful scenery, but also suitable for tourists to camp, if you come here by car. You can choose to bring food and camp here. If you sit on the top of the mountain, you can look into the distance. In addition, there are many entertainment projects here, so visitors can have a good experience. Would you like a place like this? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to discuss. If you like traveling, remember to follow me! Go on a trip and follow me not to get lost! I am a good friend on your journey!