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‘Artistic’ in the house of the artist


The owner works in the art industry, so every detail in his private space is well-organized and a bit ‘artistic’.
The house has an area of ​​175 m² including five floors, located on Le Quang Dinh street, Binh Thanh district, HCMC. The total cost of designing the house is about 900 million VND including furniture minus electronic equipment.

Architect Do Nguyen Anh Quy said that the house is smartly designed, neat and modern. The new fully furnished interior system makes the house spacious with white – gray colors along with the harmonious combination of glass materials, making the rooms full of light and ventilation. The first floor is the kitchen area with the advantage of being connected to the second floor, so the kitchen has more open space. The use of smart kitchen cabinets in wood color of the cabinet system helps the kitchen look cleaner and more luxurious. The dining area is well taken care of by the owner because he is important to the meal with his mother and family. From the table to the dining chair and the back cabinets are decorated very nice and cozy. For the living room, the architect prioritizes growing succulent plants because of indoor plants, so watering or lighting conditions are also limited. Modern living room space, featuring two colors white – gray. Architect Anh Quy said that the kitchen is sometimes too stuffy because of the smell, so it is essential to plant trees that purify the air here. The mother loves the kitchen area because it is fully equipped, spacious, clean, comfortable to cook her favorite dishes. Because the ground floor has an atrium with the second floor, the tree can get enough light and air to live. For example, some plants not only absorb carbon dioxide but also filter gases and toxic gases from cleaning agents for the house, such as lily of the valley, fern, tiger tongue, betel nut, ivy… A relaxing space of the owner on the second floor. The third floor is the mother’s bedroom, with a small area of ​​​​about 15 m², so the architect chooses a simple or minimalist dark style. A cream-white bed with a white bedside cabinet is both age-appropriate and luxurious enough for the room. The room has a large glass door, so use gray and white curtains to seamlessly design and reduce glare for the room. The bedroom is designed in a minimalist style. The fourth floor is the master’s room and the changing room. It was originally two bedrooms, but because of the need for use, the owner changed it to a bedroom and a dressing room. He works in the art industry, so every detail in the bedroom or dressing room is well-organized and a little artistic in it. The dressing room is next to the bedroom, so the bedroom is used to the maximum area instead of a cupboard as usual, there is a space for a TV, a chair, a table and a comfortable empty area to make the room not stuffy suffocating and oppressive. The master bedroom has the artistry of the artist. This bedroom is open to a space to place a TV, a chair, a table and an empty area for the owner to comfortably rest and relax. A private dressing room is designed for the owner to do art. The owner is a person who loves to travel, he has been to many resorts, so he chose to have the same bathroom space as in the resort. The owner shared that he absolutely loved the relaxing spaces in the house, especially the bathroom and the terrace. The terrace gets full sun, so it’s easy to grow plants. Architects use plants such as cactus, magnolia, jade, fern, small brooch, and ornamental plants. The terrace space is also designed by white color. In the laundry area, the architect designed many compact cabinets to save space.