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“Raising troops must have the word love, the word heart”


Lunch time of officers and soldiers of Battalion 1, Brigade 434 (4th Army Corps) is very civilized, polite and hygienic. The tray of rice has all the dishes: Braised fish, meat, vegetables, soup, fruit. Seeing the soldiers eat well and run out of rations, Major Le Van Manh, Battalion Commander was very happy.
He said: “When they first joined the army, some soldiers were not familiar with the unit’s diet, but just a few days later, the army rearing department learned, changed the processing method, added or decreased appropriate spices. So every meal the soldiers eat delicious, full of rations, quality assurance.”

The kitchens at the 434th Brigade divided meals close to mealtime so that the soldiers could eat hot and delicious food. The person who directly organized the cooking for the officers and soldiers of Battalion 1 was Army Corps Major Do Van Cuong, the squad leader who raised the troops. He has many years of experience, so it is easy to change the cooking method to suit the taste of soldiers in each locality and region; adjust the time, reasonable force in the squad… for the best service quality. QNCN Major Do Van Cuong confided: “I feel guilty if I feed my troops and let them not eat well. Therefore, we tell each other to regularly change the processing method so that it is both delicious and eye-catching. and ensure food hygiene and safety; divide meals later, do not let it cool, and arrange the tray of rice neatly and neatly, directly affecting the sight, the soldiers will eat more delicious”. , Mr. Cuong reads a few verses, as the “mantra” for the unit’s army rearing department: “Eating well is not for money/ The same standard plus enthusiasm/ Neat, tidy, hygienic/ Raising The army must have the word love and the word heart.” Not only the kitchen of Battalion 1, the kitchens of Battalion 2, Battalion 3 and brigade agencies also always ensure the quality and meet the standards of the army’s rations. The army rearing force always upholds responsibility, actively improves meals, dedicatedly and wholeheartedly serves to make the soldiers eat well and eat all the rations. Each meal is weighed and measured in full quantity, strictly checked for food quality, under the supervision of the unit on duty. The brigade logistics industry is self-sufficient in incubating bean sprouts, making beans, wrapping sausages, pickling salt, etc. to provide units to both ensure food safety and hygiene and save costs about 20% compared market price. As a result, the quality of the soldiers’ meals was improved… Colonel Nguyen Viet Hung, Brigade Commander of the 434th Brigade said: With the effective and creative measures and the service spirit of the dedicated and caring army rearing team, the soldiers’ lives have been significantly improved. , contributing to ensuring the regular strength of the army to reach 99.5%, successfully carrying out the tasks of training, fixed assets, and building a strong and comprehensive unit.