Home Architecture Australian overseas Vietnamese women build 5 billion villas for their elderly parents

Australian overseas Vietnamese women build 5 billion villas for their elderly parents


After many years working in Australia, an overseas Vietnamese woman from Quang Ninh province decided to spend 5 billion VND to build her parents a retirement villa.
The 2-storey villa, located on an area of ​​​​325m2 in Dong Trieu Town (Quang Ninh) has a total construction and completion cost of 5 billion VND. This is a gift from overseas Vietnamese women living in Australia for their parents to enjoy their old age.

2-storey villa, impressed with white color and modern architecture. Architect Nguyen Do Anh Quy – the villa designer shared, the request of the owner wants to build a solid house, ensuring the aesthetics for parents. House functions must be reasonably distributed, airy, with a garden; Modern Furniture. The villa uses white tones, combined with large glass windows to receive maximum light, making the space more airy. The time to complete the work is about 8 months, the house part is 260m2. The ground floor includes the front yard, living room, kitchen and bedroom for the elderly. Many large glass windows replace the wall to receive the maximum amount of natural light. Furniture in the house mixes warm and cool tones, combined with green corners to neutralize all colors in the house. Around the house is a large yard for the owner to enjoy planting bonsai and the whole family to live close to nature. In particular, household items put convenience for the elderly to use first. Architect Anh Quy uses moderate curves to create a soft feeling. “From the rough part, the paint, the interior, the furniture in the house are all built and completed on schedule and similar to the design,” said architect Anh Quy. The living room is designed in a modern and simple style. The kitchen and dining area take up just enough space but are neatly and neatly arranged. The bedroom is suitable for the elderly who do not need to go up and down the stairs. The bedroom is simple, limited in objects and details, suitable for the elderly. The second floor includes a small living room, bedroom, worship room, balcony. Still in harmony with the design language of the ground floor, the spaces on the second floor are spacious and filled with natural light with many glass windows. White and gray are still used, all color elements bring good-looking, modern beauty to the entire space. The second floor has a small living room for the family to gather, talk together and enjoy the surrounding green landscape. The balcony is spacious, with seating arrangement to enjoy the view, relax or plant trees. This space is also suitable for holding a small party with a small number of people. The church room has round, large windows to welcome vitality. The altar cabinet is designed to be simple but ensures Vietnamese characteristics. Two other bedrooms, pink and blue tones. Elegant design, optimized for use. Jacuzzi tub, help homeowners relax. The spaces are reasonably divided, with airy skylights. Ventilation and ventilation corner of the villa. From the kitchen space, the dining area can overlook the garden and other rooms on the first floor through large glass doors. The layout of the space is proportionate, the landscape design with many trees has turned this place into an ideal living place for an elderly couple. Spacious yard with ornamental plants.