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Nguyen Thanh Nga Long has not been to the market for a long time

Nguyen Thanh Nga Long time no go to market Going to Bac Ha, I took him to Thang Co Double cup of corn wine rises to the sky… That’s the flute flying Brocade scarf flying Colorful winding A cup of drunkenness So many cups are also drunk I hear the horse neighing I hear the trumpet Thousands of dresses covered the market The highlands fly up colorfully with golden sunshine The smell of buffalo mixed with the smell of smoke Warmly shrugging off the shoulders, talking and laughing You are like a boy riding a horse Walking with you is full of love I bought the highland shirt The blanket for you to cover Don’t forget the bottle of wine to drink with
Si Ma Cai Although Bac Ha has “hundreds of bundles” () Still missing a hug to my chest The white plateau is long gone
poppies Only your hair is left flying like Thai stream, Tay stream My waist is as slim as Khau Pha Mong pass I still remember Your lips are like rice flowers Burn us in the cold
fair… ()Bac Ha comes from the Tay language “Pac ha” which means “hundred bundles of life”. Touch Tran Le Chien I touch you, my heart is on fire Touching the smile makes me feel at ease Touching the drunken yeast with a drop of wine Touching the soulmate we give each other… Touch your eyes, your lips melt in your breath Reality like a dream vibrates back We… touching each other thought it was a legend A region of perfection… dissolved in nothingness Is it real or a dream only when we feel Touching the awakening thought of a hundred years! Mr. Thien Le Tien Vuong On the other side, Mr. Evil huffed Mr. Thien doesn’t talk… just smiles The temple door stands at the gable Mr. Thien looked at life, happy? Colorful life, no no The way to the vast Buddha realm My soul is half Buddha, half ghost Looking at Mr. Thien is like a relative Go to the temple and gently put your feet up Stepping through the mundane is near the fairy realm Holding hands and bowing to the door of meditation How many troubles and sorrows will melt Baby, go to Nirvana What do you do with worries in life? Looking at Mr. Thien standing and smiling Sounds like a giggle, human life… ephemeral.