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Bai Lei|The heart’s direction is between the mud and the fire


The value of art lies in showing a kind of inner anger, feelings, soul, style and spirit by means of external material forms. This is what we call the connotation of works of art.


Artist Bai Lei

Bai Lei

Creator, creates all things;

Things are all-encompassing.

Throughout the ages, the objects created with both hands have carried the creator’s mind, such as painting, embroidery, etc., especially ceramics. In this long river of time, potters use their hands to blend the soil and water, concentrating on their thoughts; after quenching by fire, they are dyed and colored to form ceramics.

Therefore cloud and ceramics are the most popular and pyrotechnic.

In ceramics, you can feel that the soil in different environments and times has its own temperament, and you can also see the life experience, thinking and understanding of different potters-every color, line, touch and texture, all carry it The flow of the potter.

Viewing Bai Lei’s pottery art, there are thoughts and techniques that have been passed down for thousands of years. One thing and one vessel, after being tainted by fire, presents the most simple coloring of the soil, which contains the record of time, history, and long past. It is like a kind of “fossil”, but it also has brilliance and annihilation, noise and silence, Development and passing, ancient continuation and future possibilities-the energy of an indescribable life is contained in it.

He feels the artifacts for a long time, runs in repeatedly with the materials, does not use too much force, does not deliberately pursue, and enjoys every simple and uncertain process. He breathes in and breathes in the soil, giving new life to the pottery.

“Landscape with Holes”, 37cm x 23cm, stoneware and cosmetic clay, 2017 picture

“Old Wall”, 45cm x 32cm, mixed pottery, 2005

“Construction of Form”, 65cm x 49cm, stoneware, 2006

“Remote Landscape”, 95cm x 28cm, edification, 2017

“Landscape on a Flat Bowl”, 43cm-35cm, edification, 2018 picture

“Tea bowls and cups”, different sizes, stoneware, 2018-2021

“Illusion”, 60cm x 60cm, ceramic plate painting, 2017

Bai Lei

Born in April 1963

Graduated from Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute

Professor of Art College, Soochow University

Member of UNESCO International Ceramics Association (IAC)

Member of the Arts and Crafts Committee of China Artists Association

Won the 27th All Pottery Exhibition Tokyo Governor’s Award, Japan Ceramics Association President’s Award, and won the first prize in the National Ceramic Art Competition for many times

The works are collected by the National Museum of China, the Cultural Hall of Saga City in Japan, the University of Michigan in the United States and private institutions