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Besties self-driving Fengningba’s Liushugou, starting a “Swiss” tour in the suburbs of Beijing



The fragrance of grass and flowers in the mountains

The cool breeze brushed my ears

Grassland on the Fengning Dam

It still smells cool in the summer sun

Set up the tent and lay the floor mats, and on the grassland under the sun, it seems like you are in Switzerland

In the natural grassland closest to Beijing, the average temperature in summer is only 24 degrees. Driving to Fengning grassland with my sisters, the refreshing breeze brings a cool feeling, which makes people feel relaxed. The car slowly drove into the first day road in northern Beijing. On the continuous hillside, the white windmill slowly turned, conveying the romance and affection from the depths of the grassland. On the Fengning Bashang grassland, which runs through the first day road in northern Beijing, there are several independent scenic spots such as Qiansongba National Forest Park, Liushugou Savanna and 18 Flower Sea. They are interdependent and watch each other, but they also have different styles. 18 The sea of ​​flowers is composed of three parts: Jinlian Lake, Beauty Valley, and Botanical Garden. It is full of wild and fairy-like atmosphere ~ and Liushugou savanna, on the grassland surrounding the mountain, is a large sea of ​​flowers and occasional streams passing by. , Constitute a beautiful picture like Switzerland. It is full of refreshing colors. Flowers are vying for beauty, cows are grazing in the distance, and dogs are running on the prairie ~ The plan to escape from the city starts here! The cool wind strokes poppies in the mountains and plains. They swing their waists in the wind and provide a sweet source for bees. Wearing a French-style lavender print skirt, it happens to be a rivalry with the grass and yellow poppies. This color collision is the two poles of the chromatogram, with the strongest chromatic aberration, but also the most complementary. The valley of Liushugou is full of lilac trees, river willows, stalks, and diced trees. On both sides of the mountains, there are natural birch forests, artificially planted spruce, mongolica, larch and large-leaf poplars, which contrast with each other. Composition of forest pictures in different tones. The trees here are young and tall, the bright sun shines through the leaves in the jungle, and the refreshing wind brings the taste of summer. This is what the healing forest is talking about. The grassland is surrounded by mountains and trees, and there are gorgeous summer flowers blooming on the grassland. Pieces of the grassland merge into a sea of ​​flowers. In the distance, there are streams and rivers flowing slowly. The breeze brings the fragrance of flowers and vanilla, and it also brings the fragrance of nature. The air is full of sweetness. It’s a great idea to spend an afternoon camping here with my sisters. In the fragrance of nature, we also feel refreshed. The specially selected pink tents, floor mats, accessories, and outfits are all in place, so that they can give off the most dazzling light in the natural environment of Fengning grassland. By chance, I also came across a self-driving tourist from Beijing with his own dog. In such a vast world, Mao’s child became confused for a while, and when he got out of the car, he suffered from choice anxiety, and he didn’t know which direction he should run. So he rolled in the grass, and ran wildly on the sky, like a cute child. In fact, Liushugou is not just this river valley, there are also many valleys on the east and west sides. From a distance, it looks like a magical forest, lush and lush and fascinating. We took out the prepared bluetooth speakers and played the most beautiful melody. Let the music flow slowly over the tips of the grass and flowers with the sound of the wind. The Kitty cat doll brought by my girlfriend seems to have become particularly agile. Lying on the floor mat, one person holding a kitty, looking at the endless white clouds in the sky in a daze. This moment of complete emptiness is really a great enjoyment and satisfaction of not changing money. The large sea of ​​flowers on the grassland is fascinating, and camping on the Liushugou grassland in the midsummer, the summer heat is relieved, and the heart is refreshed, truly returning to the embrace of nature. Because it is connected to the virgin forest below the dam, in the ecologically excellent Liushugou, some wild animals are often encountered. Of course, this is only an exclusive courtesy of the locals. As self-driving tourists, the most common ones are probably cows and horses walking in groups on the grass to graze. They are the masters and souls of this place. Occasionally, you will see wild ducks, pheasants, sand spotted chickens, and of course a wide variety of Chinese herbal medicines. This camping with the sisters, in the natural background of Liushugou, constitutes a perfect picture in our imagination. With the decoration of wild daisies and poppies, it is even more unforgettable. Colorful summer flowers compete here, with different levels of yellow-green and pink-purple, forming a beautiful midsummer picture~ Such a sweet and dreamy fairy tale journey. Definitely better than Switzerland, better than Switzerland. ——————— ———————— Original text/Coco Hu Bo, please do not reprint without authorization Thanks to Coco for the character shooting: @衣鱼911 @还七月@vivian靓雅雅@9Y品 Coco Hu Bo Global traveler, well-known travel self-media, KOL, photographer, travel columnist, senior travel media person, Sina Weibo signed travel blogger, Sohu gold author, Japan Okinawa travel ambassador, Italian wine promotion ambassador, “The Way of Wine” Producer of a series of travel video programs. 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