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Hailiang Education and Ruijie Networks formally reached a strategic cooperation, joining forces to achieve a new leap in private education


On June 19, Hailiang Education Management Group Co., Ltd. and Ruijie Networks Co., Ltd. formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Chen Junwei, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Hailiang Education Management Group, Zhu Hongsheng, President of Hailiang Education Investment Group Co., Ltd., Hang Chengzheng, Dean of Hailiang Education Research Institute, Chen Yuefei, General Manager of Hailiang Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., and Vice President of Ruijie Networks Co., Ltd. President Huang Yuhui, General Manager Liu Funeng of the Cloud Desktop Product Division, Chen Hengrong, General Manager of the Park and Metro Network Switching Product Division, Meng Liang, General Manager of the Smart Classroom Division, and Huang Haibin, Deputy General Manager of the Enterprise Network Division, attended the signing ceremony. . The two parties will fully integrate superior resources, establish a deep-level strategic cooperative relationship, and actively promote the cooperative construction of “teaching innovation experimental bases” and the joint research and co-creation of education informatization solutions, and build private education through in-depth cooperation and empowerment of technology. New heights.

▲ High-level meeting between the two parties

Chen Junwei, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Hailiang Education, introduced the blueprint for the future development of Hailiang Education. He pointed out: Hailiang Education is vigorously implementing the two strategies of “prospering education with talents” and “prospering education with science and technology”, taking “making the world without difficult schools” as its mission, exploring a brand-new smart campus governance system, and setting management thinking into context , To achieve new changes in the future school management model. Ruijie Networks has been focusing on the research and development of smart teaching products and being an expert in smart classrooms for many years, and has provided professional information solutions for 3 million primary and middle school teachers and students. The two parties can form a very good complementation of their advantages and achieve common development, especially in strategic centralized procurement and cooperative research and development with broad prospects for cooperation. It is hoped that through this signing, both parties can work together to accelerate cooperation projects and achieve a win-win situation at an early date.

Huang Yuhui, vice president of Ruijie Networks, said: Hailiang Education’s vision is very great, and many views coincide with Ruijie. Ruijie’s market positioning when it was founded was to do education, and it started from K12, with a deep sense of education. In the twenty years of serving and educating users, Ruijie has never forgotten its original intention and is grateful. Based on the trust of users, whether in the field of basic education, vocational education or higher education, Ruijie has continuously launched useful and easy-to-use special solutions for various educational information scenarios. Ruijie and Hailiang Education have many opportunities for cooperation, and hope that through multi-dimensional and deep-level cooperation, they can jointly develop products that meet the needs of Hailiang’s education, so that revolutionary educational concepts can be implemented in each school.

▲ The strategic cooperation is officially signed Hailiang Education Party Secretary and President Chen Junwei (left), Ruijie Networks Vice President Huang Yuhui (right) Facing the future, the two parties will cooperate to establish a “teaching innovation experimental base” to conduct all-round exchanges and cooperation on cutting-edge technical topics related to education informatization, sharing results, and application practices. The content involves campus all-optical networks, smart classrooms, and campuses. Cloud desktop and many other educational information fields promote the in-depth integration of leading informatization and digital technology with modern teaching concepts. ▲ Ruijie Networks awarded Hailiang Education the “Teaching Innovation Experimental Base” At the same time, Ruijie Networks will also become an important alliance unit of the “Hailiang Education Smart Campus Global Alliance”. The “Hailiang Education Smart Campus Global Alliance” led by the Hailiang Education Research Institute aims to introduce the world’s highest-end scientific research and technical forces, and through cooperation with outstanding enterprises in the industry, universities, scientific research institutes, etc., to empower with science and technology” The construction of “smart campus” will ultimately accelerate the realization of the goal of promoting education through science and technology. ▲ Hailiang Education awarded Ruijie Networks the “Hailiang Education Smart Campus Global Alliance Strategic Partner” ▲ Group photo at the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation In the construction of a smart campus, the daily use and management of a large number of teaching equipment, the management and control of the Internet of Things in meeting rooms, co-class classrooms and special classrooms, the access, use, management, operation and maintenance of various new teaching equipment and scenes, and the school The construction of data management requires a set of high-speed, stable, easy-scalable, and easy-to-manage network topology solutions to carry services. In 2020, Hailiang Education conducted an in-depth discussion on the “Minimal Ethernet All-Optical Network Solution” launched by Ruijie, and fully demonstrated it in its two newly-built schools, and then formally adopted the solution for the construction of smart campuses. A good result of informatization construction has been achieved. The high-quality campus network construction, management, and operation and maintenance experience brought by the “Minimalist Ethernet All Optical Network” has made Hailiang Education aware of the accelerated realization of “Using standards and technology to empower traditional basic education, allowing high-quality resources to be shared and The academic experience can be quickly copied.” The alliance force of the educational construction goal has become a good opportunity for the two sides to carry out strategic cooperation. Based on deep industry accumulation in the education field, Hailiang Education and Ruijie Networks are both shouldering the historical mission and corporate responsibilities of promoting China to become an education power and realizing the great Chinese dream. Become a partner that advances hand in hand and forge ahead. The two parties will realize mutual empowerment, promote the R&D and design of innovative technologies and solutions that meet the application scenarios of education and teaching, and promote the construction and application of higher standards of education informatization. The intelligent campus governance system reforms the management model of future schools, adding more digital and intelligent new vitality to China’s private education. With the expectation that, as Mr. Ye Cuiwei, the principal of Hailiang Education Management Group and a contemporary education expert, said, “Hold on our mission, pursue forever, seize opportunities, raise the starting point, and achieve a new leap in private education in the new era!” [HailiangEducationwasfoundedin1995bytheworld’stop500companies-HailiangGroupIthas26yearsofbasiceducationand19yearsofinternationaleducationhistoryItisChina’sfirstbasiceducationgrouplistedonNASDAQintheUnitedStatesOneoftheprivateeducationgroupswiththewidestcoverageandlargestscaleintheK12fieldItindependentlyorganizesoperatesandmanagesnearly100schools(parks)in12provincesTherearemorethan80000studentsintheschoolfrom34provincesmunicipalitiesand26countriesandregions】 [RuijieNetworksisanindustry-leadingproviderofICTinfrastructureandindustrysolutionsIthasanindependentR&Dteamcomposedofnearly3000R&Dpersonnelanditsbusinessscopecoversmorethan50countriesandregionsaroundtheworldServingeducationfor20yearsRuijie’sbasiceducationsolutionshavebeenwidelyusedin2000educationmetropolitanareanetworksmorethan80000primaryandsecondaryschoolsandkindergartensmorethan60000wirelessteachingclassroomsand12millionclouddesktopterminalsacrossthecountry】