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‘Black stone penthouse’ – when the natural lines blend into the interior space


The designers call this apartment ‘Black Stone Penthouse’, the basis of this naming is a whole large wall made from black stone that appears in the living room, overwhelmed and impressive that anyone who walks in. Entering this apartment is also realized, like being next to a majestic cliff.

But that is the effect that can be seen and felt after the renovation process, and before that, this was a 195m² penthouse, completely raw and located in the northwest towards the center of Ho Chi Minh City. How to create an impressive interior space mixed with natural architectural lines into the interior space is the topic that the design team received from the investor. “This is a very interesting and very difficult topic for us” – the design team from APS concept shared. “The apartment is designed with the idea of ​​creating a connection between nature and architecture, with two large glass facades allowing views of the surrounding area. A very remarkable highlight of the living room space is the wall made from black stone that runs high into the atrium, creating the feeling of being next to a majestic cliff. The second impression is the “epoxy metallic” floor that is applied in the apartment. Sharing more details on how to create this floor, the architects said that they started with an all-white epoxy floor, then added more black and silver metals to create a unique and rhythmic flow. “We like the way it flows naturally and flows from the first floor, along the steel stairs down to the entire living space like streams flowing along the cliffs. This special material is never duplicated.” Thus, the white marble effect epoxy floor treated with the emotions of the performers has become smooth and makes the space open and airy. In terms of color, black tone was chosen as the main color, clearly showing the elegance and personality. In harmony with this overall, the Hermès orange furniture creates accents, making the space more lively and eye-catching. The walls using black paint are roughened to bring the desired effects during the day when there is direct sunlight or create depth for the space under the lights at night. The curved stairs and the steps surface details are treated to feel like a flow from the stairs to the lower floor, full of nature inspiration. The old monotonous staircase was replaced with a new curved staircase, completely machined by sheet steel, from the steps to the handrail. This is an appropriate solution to help reduce the traffic to the first floor while creating a soft feeling for the space. Besides, the Hermès color tone is still the highlight for the space and the epoxy flow on the stairs is like a stream overflowing and spreading from above, spreading to the floor in the living room… Thus, the topic of the investor fully resolved – the apartment is an impressive living space that blends natural lines into the interior space. Children’s room with outside view and close-up. The toilet blocks of the apartment. Project location: One Verandah, Thu Duc City, HCMC Design and construction: APS Concept Design team: Hung Vo, Nguyen Chi Tam, Trinh Phoi, Truong Van Tam, Tran Van Trong, Le Phuc Phu, Dao Van Hieu, Le Cam Duong, Dinh Quang Thinh Office address: 135/1/58 Nguyen Huu Canh, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District, HCMC Website: www.apsconcept.vn Phone: 0932735246 Tin Nhi – Image Quang Tran