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BLACKPINK and TWICE in the ‘magazine photo’ race: Do YG’s girl groups have a peak in charisma?


When BLACKPINK and TWICE continuously released new magazine photos, and also took pictures for famous fashion houses, it was inevitable to be compared. Are TWICE members worse in expression and charisma like many BLINKs commented?
Recently, TWICE has been clearly promoted in the fashion field when the members began to have their own photos in major magazines, modeling for famous fashion houses. Only Korean W Magazine, last month, Nayeon had a new set of photos to promote Louis Vuitton, and Momo took a photo to introduce a new collection of a Japanese sports fashion company.

Nayeon just got a photo shoot wearing a Louis Vuitton outfit Momo also has her own photo set in W magazine While fans of TWICE congratulated the members who appeared on a famous magazine, praising the haughty Nayeon, and a healthy Momo that conveyed the spirit of the fashion house, there were also many comments. the opposite side. If Nayeon was criticized for “taking high-class clothes and having her hair tied on both sides”, Momo was criticized for being not suitable for the outfit, some set She looked too flabby for her figure. Nayeon was criticized for not being suitable for high fashion Momo has been criticized for being a one-color expression Some opinions suggest that Nayeon does not have the luxurious temperament needed to model a high-end brand, and Momo has a wry expression, looking at the series of photos only has a cold, slightly parted face. The Korean BLINKs community also thinks that in terms of modeling for fashion photos, BLACKPINK is much better, from visuals to expressions, which are very suitable for outfits. Momo’s way of posing also has mixed opinions However, this comment of some BLINKs has been strongly opposed by netizens, claiming that BLINKs should not be too high on BLACKPINK but defame TWICE. Indeed, BLACKPINK has a very strong fashion sense, deserving to be invited to be the representative face of famous fashion houses, but not all photos are outstanding. Rosé herself is also being criticized for only acting “one color” when photographing magazines Recently, both Rosé and Lisa have been criticized as boring, one-color expressions in fashion photos. Although shooting for different magazines, both members often keep their faces cold, their eyes sharp and their lips parted to reveal their front teeth. Or Jenny’s tongue-out expression is very unique and impressive, but not all netizens like it. Lisa is also criticized for lack of transformation in the new set of photos Therefore, instead of complimenting BLACKPINK and criticizing TWICE, the fan community on both sides should be glad that K-Pop girl groups are getting more attention from famous fashion houses.