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Bundle of dried vegetables like a handful of straw but cost up to 500,000 VND/kg


With an expensive price, but this vegetable is still storming the sales addresses of Vietnamese consumers.
King’s vegetable, also known as boiled peas, sea celery, jelly or dried celery, often grows in coastal areas. The characteristic of this vegetable is that it is difficult to adapt to fresh water, the stem has double leaves, two branches, shaped like a tuber root. The leaf stem is soft but tough, about the size of a little finger or maybe bigger.

This vegetable is described as “straw dry”, pale green in color. When used, vegetables are cut into pieces and soaked in cold water, they will bloom as fresh as if they had never been dried. According to some sellers, sea celery is not only delicious to eat but also very good for health such as anti-constipation, pregnancy care for pregnant women and suitable for dieters… Currently on the market, it is often sold in the form of king vegetables. dried king vegetables and salted and sour pickled vegetables. According to the survey, in the current market, sea salt is sold for 160,000-200,000 VND/kg, especially for dried sea celery, the price ranges from 380,000 to nearly 500,000 VND/kg, depending on the type. With dried vegetables, if you want to eat, you have to soak in water for 2-3 hours, the vegetables will bloom and look like fresh. Just need to wash, cut into 2 knuckles long pieces, it can be processed into all kinds of dishes such as sea urchin stir-fried with beef, sea cucumber salad, … Dried king’s vegetables can be preserved for years without cost. fear of mold, damage. Ms. Loan, a focal point specializing in collecting sea celery for sale in Hanoi market, said sea celery is quite difficult to buy, she also has to collect from many different clues. Therefore, the source of goods is often unstable, returning few times, returning many times. Customers order a lot, the source of goods is less, so customers who want to buy often have to “line up” to order about half a month in advance. When buying dried vegetables, customers should note that the new vegetables are light gray vegetables, the color is still fresh. If seen with the naked eye, the vegetable stalks should be even, not moldy. About scent: must have a characteristic smell of king’s vegetables, no strange smell of fungus or mold. Note when choosing packaged vegetables, you need to carefully look at the expiry date on the product packaging.