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Divers find diamond ring in Britain’s largest lake


The diamond ring is an engagement ring that a couple dropped while taking their wedding photos at Lake Windermere, England.

Largest Lake Windermere in England The romantic wedding photography session turns tragic when the precious diamond engagement ring unfortunately falls into the lake. Lucky for the couple Rebecca Chaukria and Viki Patel found a ‘gentleman’ right before the official wedding ceremony. Angus Hosking, a free diver, received a wedding invitation after finding an engagement ring that fell from a woman’s hand at the bottom of Britain’s largest lake. Rebecca Chaukria, the girl who lost her engagement ring, said the special gift fell from her hand while taking wedding photos on a breakwater at Lake Windermere, the largest natural lake in the UK. Viki Patel, her fiance, said that despite his best efforts, he could not see through the water to find a ring for Rebecca Chaukria. The couple returned to the hotel and contacted freediver Angus Hosking. This man quickly ran to and dived into the lake in search of a white gold ring with diamonds. Hosking used an underwater metal detector to search for the ring and within 20 minutes, after a few false detections, he brought the ring ashore and returned it to the couple. Viki Patel described the freelancer as an ‘excellent guy’, and when Angus Hosking returned to shore, the couple repeatedly thanked him. Angus Hosking is a volunteer with the Lake District diving center in Windermere. Previously, he helped clean up the lake, find and return items such as phones, rings, cameras and other valuables to tourists.