Home Travel If you want a cool summer, don’t miss this place in Hangzhou~

If you want a cool summer, don’t miss this place in Hangzhou~


Summer is always related to sultry heat,

The slimy season makes people feel irritable,

I just want to stay in the air-conditioned room all the time,

Never go out again!

However, staying in an air-conditioned room for too long is not good.

You can still go for a stroll in this summer resort~

Sixty points are sultry, three are sticky, and one is cicadas. In such a season, even the wind begins to burn, so escape from the heat becomes the most important thing.

As far as Hangzhou is concerned, where can one find a cool place to vacillate in a daze, Hangzhou Xixi Wetland is definitely a treasure trove.

At this time, in the Dongguan lotus pond in June, the lotus in the pond is gradually blooming, lingering between the bridge and the water, and the terrace is like a picture. No one can refuse this natural oasis in the west of Hangzhou.

The delicate flowers are dotted in the lotus leaves of Tian Tian, ​​which has a special flavor. You can have a panoramic view of the lotus pond when you climb the Buyun Pagoda.

If you want to explore Xixi in more depth, you may wish to join a fisherman’s tour and enjoy the ecological experience of picking vegetables and fishing.

On weekends when the weather is fine, going to see the lotus, enjoy the scenery, and take a helium balloon ride in the air, everything is exciting.

After playing, I just want to be immersed in the scenery, it is best to have a blue tile underneath, and it is most comfortable to stay for a few days.

“Shili Fangfei” hidden deep in the Xixi Wetland is a good place to cool off. It has the same romantic name as summer. It lives quietly in the lakeside forest, and treats you tenderly.

Take a boat into the village and feel the atmosphere of the wetland. There are many room types to meet all kinds of travel.

“Shili Fangfei” relies on the natural environment of Xixi Wetland, and the resort is in the scenic spot. Now that I have come to Xixi, I must appreciate the beauty of this “a stream of smoke”.

Fang Fei is just right, every scene has a heart-stirring beauty, you can smell the smell of nature in the air, which is a delicate fragrance that no high-end perfume can give.

It takes only ten minutes to walk from the gate of Xixi Wetland to the front desk of “Shili Fangfei”[Qing Ning Du].

Now in summer, you can see the acre of lotus at the entrance of the village. Accompanied by the fragrance of lotus faintly floating in the room, together with the scent of lemon tea on hand, it synthesizes a unique scent of ten miles of fragrant feifei.

“Shili Fangfei” also has a flower temple. On the ancient day of Qixi Festival, you can also make a wish in front of the flower god with your lover. This may be a more beautiful ceremony than a candlelight dinner.