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Chi Pu and Khong Tu Quynh have a very harsh “clash” phase


Khong Tu Quynh changed the style with a rebellious style with a set of tight-fitting leather clothes, no wonder, this charming film color photography concept has been requisitioned by Chi Pu before.
Khong Tu Quynh was once a cult name that left a strong mark on the childhood of the first generation 8X, 9X. Surely when it comes to hit series like Strawberry Bakery, Leaves and Wind, Wooden Horse Wheel, Cold, … everyone can hum a few catchy choruses. Although later, her singing career was not as active as before, but everyone remembers her as a 9X idol.

The aura has passed, the little Strawberry girl is now more mature and in a more sexy, sexy style. Strongly overcoming the broken love of 8 years with Ngo Kien Huy, Khong Tu Quynh is now really different. There is no longer the shadow of the old princess and cake of the bride, Khong Tu Quynh is now very trendy, trendy and extremely disruptive. Her recent outfit style has been inspired by the breath of the 90s – a trend that is “storming” young people who are addicted to clothes now. Recently, she has just released a set of fashion photos taken in the sunset, which received a lot of attention from the online community. Remember that day, when Vietnamese stars were eager to show off the sparkling Saigon sky, the singer also chose for herself the angle to show off both her figure and landscape. However, the interesting highlight is still the red leather set that is cut and cut. Khong Tu Quynh is almost 30 this year, but still maintains a very cool dressing style. If the leather pants are designed with a flared tube that enhances the wearer’s long legs, the shirt is sewn very stylishly, the disproportionate cuts fit the female singer’s personality and are very sexy and attractive. droopy. The outfit is not too revealing and too bold, but it is also a new breakthrough in the style of the “Strawberry girl” in any year. Below the beauty’s instagram post, there are countless compliments for this stylish transformation of Khong Tu Quynh. However, it is the color of the image that is adjusted to look like a movie photo with such a sexy look that makes many people suddenly remember a female singer Ha Thanh has worn before and has created explosive effects throughout social networks. No one else, it is the voice of “The bow is broken in two”. Former hotgirl Ha Thanh once wore this leather suit in the concept of taking pictures with daring paper pants without underwear in early February. Owning an instagram page with 5.4 million followers, every post of Chi Pu is of great value. With every photo, she makes people feverish with her unique fashion gout. This red leather outfit is coordinated by 9X beauties with 12cm high raw sole sandals. As a beauty with a perfect body, it is not difficult for Chi Pu to shine with this tight skin design. From the above encounter, it can be seen that, in terms of body, perhaps Khong Tu Quynh and Chi Pu do not have too much difference because everyone has a hot curve. The senior used the outfit for the street concept and took the background as the sunset scene, while the younger sister was more careful when shooting in the context of a ghostly Japanese scene. Set of leather clothes with cut out lines, so both chose a safe way to omit all accompanying accessories. The makeup is also streamlined, but only emphasizes the seductive and sexy red lipstick. But perhaps, Chi Pu’s pose is still more attractive when she shows people clearly every corner of the outfit as well as revealing fancy shoes with rough soles. I don’t know what kind of shoes Khong Tu Quynh chose, but if it’s pointed toe heels or square toe sandals, the overall outfit is also worth a high score.