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The original British new first lady becomes a “fashionable rookie”!The alternative girl next door, Fan, is under pressure after Kettering


The new British first lady Kelly’s fashion performance at this G7 summit has made her a “fashion rookie” in Europe. The 33-year-old is the age of a little girl among the many first ladies. In our impression, most of the first ladies who perform fashion diplomacy brilliantly, most of their styles are very dignified and majestic routes, but the new British first lady has made herself stand out with her unique aura of the girl next door. Fashion is much better than the United States and China, and the tricks she can win are actually easy to learn.

Choose the dressing route that suits your age and don’t follow suit

Kelly’s style is actually closer to our usual dressing. In front of other first ladies wearing very ceremonial professional attire, Kelly’s “lady diplomacy” is more like pediatrics. But Kelly has fully demonstrated this uniqueness. The first lady can also take a lively and playful route, so her dressing style makes people feel particularly eye-catching.

Kelly has fair skin, so this pink dress looks really amazing. Shallow high heels like Brigitte are generally favorites of first ladies. Fans who are familiar with the clothes of Melania and Ivanka should all have the impression that their shoes are almost the same style. The color has changed a little.

Kelly also has her own personality in the choice of shoes. The candy-colored shoes and the candy-colored skirt are girly this time!

The British First Lady’s finale looks unconvinced

Kelly always surprises people. After a few days of styling with the girl next door, her rented suit changed the style of the new first lady. Kelly showed a variety of styles at the G7 summit, but it didn’t cost much. Kelly rented this 8,000 yuan suit for only a few hundred yuan. Carey gave full play to the tradition of saving, and only wears clothes once. Renting is more cost-effective than borrowing!

This blue suit shape made Kelly’s previous image of a good girl overturned. This is the rhythm of going against the wind! The big difference in image can make people impressive. Therefore, she also behaved generously in front of Brigitte and Jill, who are very rich in fashion diplomacy.

Princess Kate’s single look is going to be eliminated

The fashion styles of European royal families and first ladies have always attracted much attention. The look of Princess Kate at the G7 summit made many people complain. Her single style seems to be surrendered to fashion rookie Kelly.

Kate’s pink skirt is really full of grooves, and the figure of the paper figure who can’t support the clothes looks particularly imposing. Princess Kate is also very economical, wearing a dress for several years, but in terms of fashion sense, her taste is really outdated.

Before the rise of the new British first lady Kelly, the clothing of Queen Letizia of Spain is absolutely commendable. In her outfit yesterday, she chose a fresh icy blue series, which made people feel like iced soda in a hot summer. Queen Letizia is also under great pressure under the background of the more innovative British lady Kelly, who has always followed the simple style of Lai!

Fashion Tips: How to stand out in such a big fashion competition, in fact, the most taboo is to follow the trend. There are two secrets to the victory of the new British first lady: use her own age advantage and not be constrained by the most traditional style. Kelly uses her own way to show the most distinctive fashion diplomacy.

Kelly’s girl-next-door style looks much more relaxed than professional attire on such formal occasions, and her smile really gives her a lot of points.

The new British first lady becomes a “fashionable rookie”!The alternative girl next door, Fan, is under pressure after Kettering

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