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‘My beloved singer Kim Ngan, why are you so sad?’


‘Although knowing that Ngan has been wandering, dust is long ago and people in Bolsa are no longer strangers to Ngan, I still feel great pain. My dear friend, why are you so sad? ‘, Said singer Nhat Ha.
Singer Nhat Ha sent her own confidences to VietNamNet about two old close friends: singer Ngoc Lan and singer Kim Ngan. A man has left the temporary realm of 20 full years, a life wanders the streets and memory has forgotten many things. That is also the reason why Nhat Ha wanted to write something about her two friends, with the first song about singer Kim Ngan.

first. One night in the mid 90s, Ngoc Lan and I sang a dance show together. The young audience was very crowded, they surrounded the stage, packed the dance floor. The atmosphere was very excited with loud laughter and cheers. At that time, the young singers we used to sing New wave music – songs imported from England, were loved by young audiences. And, there was a strange girl coming onto the stage. She wears a blue dress, with a deep open neck, a tight waist-length blouse with a thin, layered, and short skirt on her knees. The green shirt is very beautiful, luxurious and youthful. The shirt shows off the girl’s full bust, small waist and delicate long legs. It was a new singer, very young, about 20 years old. Nhat Ha and Kim Ngan share the album cover. She stepped onto the stage when a “storm” broke out! She shrugged and said a few words aloud: How are you ?; Let’s have some fun; Alright; … And boos and applause broke the auditorium. Big, strong, rushing music. She shakes her shoulder-length curly hair, bouncing to the music. Not yet singing, she just shouted Are you ready? as the crowd frantically shouted in response: Yes … Yeah! like a roaring wave. That young girl is singer Kim Ngan. I still remember the image of Ngan at that time. Ngan is so fresh and charming! Obviously the sexy beauty of Ngan has … suppressed Ngoc Lan’s gentle image and blurred me. Sitting in the wings watching Ngan dancing, singing with the passionate crowd, overflowing the stage, surrounded her. Ngoc Lan and I feel very interesting. Back then and until we got close, I never seemed to be jealous of Kim Ngan. Although Kim Ngan and I sing young music together, appear a lot on the tape and disc covers … I love Kim Ngan, because Kim Ngan is so beautiful and cute! 2. At that time, Kim Ngan, about 24-25 years old, was the owner of the Kim Ngan music tape center, with beautiful and fiery cassette covers under the lens of photographer Tran Dinh Thuc. I am the owner of Nhat Ha Productions and Melody Center, specializing in producing tapes, discs and music videos. Kim Ngan Center only produces music tapes but my center also does music videos. And I invited Kim Ngan to record for my video, which is also quite rare for two rival centers. At that time, Ngan was brilliantly beautiful, but she was not invited by any center to take a video. Perhaps, they don’t want to promote their commercial competitors. I love my beautiful friend and want to film Kim Ngan a cute MV. I find you discreet and elegant dresses, sew white clothes for the child actors and take Kim Ngan and the children up a romantic hill to film the MV. Pink love step . The image of Kim Ngan playing with a group of children in white shirt is innocent and cute. Different from a normal fiery Kim Ngan. Kim Ngan in the MV “Pink Love Step”. I like beautiful people! Like the elegant figure, like Kim Ngan’s sexy cherished lips. And Kim Ngan became a singer at Nhat Ha Center. After that, Ngan also became a bride at my wedding that day, beside another bride – my best friend: famous singer Ngoc Lan. One day, in the music industry talking to each other that the Kim Ngan Music Center was closed. Singers talk about Kim Ngan no longer going on stage … 3. Around 2003, a very sunny afternoon in Bolsa, I met a familiar figure. Looking behind the slender figure, thin shoulders, straight back and gentle steps. The girl in a blue dress I cannot forget even for many years. Without looking at my face, I knew it was Kim Ngan. Kim Ngan wore an impressive green dress, but now, the dress is old, dirty and dirty. The shirt is too fussy and cumbersome for a sunny afternoon on the street. She also wore jeans inside, so it looked weird. I followed her, called her name, and Kim Ngan turned around. Kim Ngan glad to see me … We went to a lunch shop to talk to each other. Although I know that Kim Ngan has been wandering, dust for a long time, but seeing me again, I still feel extremely sad. My dear friend, how was it so bad? … Kim Ngan present. Kim Ngan has two beautiful grown daughters. Kim Ngan has a mother, still healthy, still around here. Kim Ngan has a family who has begged Kim Ngan many times. Even our artists do some shows, earn money to rent a room for the whole year for Kim Ngan, but Kim Ngan doesn’t come home. Kim Ngan is still wandering, dusty on the street. Kim Ngan chatted in a normally sober and at a dumb moment. Kim Ngan remembers everything, and Kim Ngan forgot all … Thinking about Kim Ngan, I thought of Mr. Bui Giang. One side is talented intellectuals. One side is the great beauty. Both were once illustrious, and both chose the sidewalk as their home. Maybe each person has their own reasons, different. But both make us pity and pity. The music video of Kim Ngan’s “ Pink Love Step ” performed by Nhat Ha