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Xiaoxi Town, Yongshun County: Building a “Firewall” for Food Safety


Red net moment in Xiangxi, June 11 (Correspondent Sun Yu) June 11th was the flood season, and the climate was hot and humid, which was a high-risk period of food prone to mold and spoilage. In order to improve the residents’ awareness of food safety and self-protection, the emergency office of Xiaoxi Town, Yongshun County has joined forces with the town’s industrial and commercial office, police station and other departments to carry out inspections of restaurants, supermarkets, cold storage and farmer’s markets within its jurisdiction to prevent the new crown Enter the risk of virus cold chain links, strengthen cold chain food safety supervision and nucleic acid testing, and build a food safety “firewall” to ensure that residents are healthy over the Dragon Boat Festival.

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In this operation, the emergency office of Xiaoxi Town established a retrospective account for fresh products for the first time, and conducted investigations from live animals-slaughter-transportation-trading, etc., to achieve a clear foundation and a clear situation; all supermarkets are required to establish import In the cold chain food waiting area, all foods shall be put into the warehouse after passing the inspection. Imported cold chain food shall be stored separately and marked with the imported cold chain food label in the warehouse area. The entry and exit of the warehouse must be registered in time. The new mechanism of tracing the ledger ensures that the health of food starts from the root.

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Up to now, a total of 6 restaurants, 6 supermarkets, 2 freezers and 1 farmer’s market have been investigated. In the next step, Xiaoxi Town will continue to increase joint law enforcement and supervision of food safety, eliminate problem food at the source, eliminate hidden dangers, and build a healthy and orderly food safety environment.

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