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Choosing the wrong underwear, Nancy (Momoland) had to lose to Sana (TWICE) when she touched a corset skirt


Obviously, she has a better body, but “hybrid rose” Nancy suffers from inferiority when she meets Sana. All because she chose the wrong underwear.

TWICE is preparing comeback with album Summer and in the teaser photo, the girls are all dressed in lovely, feminine candy-tone dresses. Among them, Sana wears a short lace dress corset there are bands of brilliant colors like rainbows. Because Sana is sitting so netizen Haven’t seen the full dress model yet, but idol Japanese people are still praised for wearing a skirt because of their slim figure corset very beautiful. It turns out that many months ago, Nancy (Momoland) also wore the same dress. Nancy, after successfully losing weight, was confident enough to wear tight clothes, but because she was afraid to reveal herself, she wore a light pink T-shirt inside the skirt. However, without looking closely, netizens still discovered a very wrong point of Nancy when wearing corset. Corset it was a form of underwear in itself, but Nancy wore a bra underneath. As a result, Nancy’s bra and bra tops turned out to be weird. Now, when I look back at Nancy and Sana’s clash, netizen The more I realized that Nancy’s outfit was so wrong. That’s why, despite her beautiful body, Nancy still can’t shine in the dress corset this and surely “hybrid rose” will have to learn more from colleagues when dressing up corset.