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Circle of Friends Versailles | Museum Collection Jewelry Tour You Deserve to Have


Yes, it is coming to Shanghai! Everyone is enjoying the national tide, this time you can level up even more, showing the blend of Chinese and Western, and it is known as the new antique in the future. CINDY CHAO Art Jewelry !

This exhibition will be at Shanghai Fosun Art Center Stunning appearance, since From June 19, 2021 to June 27, 2021 , The exhibition will exhibit more than ten masterpieces of classic creations, including masterpieces that have never been exposed to the outside world. Does it make people look forward to it?

Cindy Chao Born in a family of artists, grew up under the artistic influence of ancestors, and later founded the brand of the same name CINDY CHAO Known as “futuristic antiques” by European and American museums, she redefines high-end jewelry and breaks the boundaries between jewelry and art, and she is committed to linking Eastern and Western art and culture. Her works are dynamic and static, and are extremely subtle, making people linger…

Picture source:@cindychao_theartjewel

Her works are collected by museums and scrambled by stars. “Sex and the City” Heroine Sarah Jessica Parker Also appeared on the cover of the magazine with her, CINDY CHAO Jewelry has three fascinating characteristics: Architectural, Sculptural, and Organic.

This is the design concept that the artist has precipitated since childhood, and it is these characteristics that make her works have endless charm…

Chief Art Space Architect specially invited for this exhibition Tom Postma For its design, it is divided into three unique exhibition halls, which are respectively the first floor space: Inspiration Departure; the second floor space: the artistic realm; and the third floor space: endless exploration.

On the first floor, the design manuscripts are superimposed and flashed, leading the visitors into the designer’s whimsical world.

The second space is the place where visitors must pass. It satisfies all your fantasy of starlight in the night sky. While the stars are shining, the water pavilion floats on the endless lake as if by magic, it will give visitors incomparable. An immersive experience.

In addition to the sense of space experience, more than ten pieces were exhibited on the second floor CINDY CHAO Art jewelry The master series of works, including the creation of the new master series in 2021, and a number of exhibits lent by collectors that have already been collected.

When we came to the interior of the exhibition hall, we could admire the “futuristic antique” up close. CINDY CHAO Jewelry can always capture the tiny gestures of everything in the world and display them with extremely smooth lines. Let’s take everyone to take a peek at some precious exhibits.

2019 Black Label Masterpiece-Aurora Butterfly

The notable works of the year butterfly in this exhibition—— “2019 Aurora Butterfly Brooch” , Red, blue, yellow and white are intertwined, the complex and extreme craftsmanship, it is dazzling, and the lines are smooth… it captures the subtleties of movement, so that it seems to see it spreading its wings in a trance.

2016 Black Label Masterpiece-Winter Leaf Set

Let’s taste the winter leaf set of the master series together, like the leaf veins swimming along the neck of the vine, radiant but not flashy.Everything is so natural, without too much glitz, more like a natural momentary display, this is CINDY CHAO The unique charm of jewelry.

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Picture 1:Black Label Masterpiece-Goldfish Brooch

Picture 2: Black Label Masterpiece-Dragonfly Brooch

Picture 3: Black Label Masterpiece-Rumpled Leaf Earrings

There are countless treasures and exhibits waiting for you to unlock in the exhibition. They seem to be imprinted with the times and years, giving them precious value…

Jewelry is a precious treasure of mankind. While it shows taste, it is also an elegant attitude to life.This exhibition will Cindy Chao The ultimate pursuit and love for jewellery is present in the world, and the charm of art is in the air. I don’t know how you feel behind the camera?

Want to know what other treasures are on display?

Bring the camera and let’s go together!


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Written by: Luna

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