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City name card entry database (updated version)


When we talk about a city now, we will find that the impression of it has quietly changed a lot from before, but most of the time we will use the term “net celebrity” to describe it.
Indeed, with the iterative update of the Internet, everyone’s demand for life has become higher and higher, and the pursuit of play has gradually enriched. Under the influence of such a large environment, the city has also updated its own “entry attributes.”

“There is paradise above, and Suzhou and Hangzhou below.” The impression of Hangzhou is always with lakes and mountains, West Lake misty and rain, and a dragon well. Walking in the old streets and alleys, Hangzhou seems to show the gentle and leisurely Jiangnan water town to its fullest. People fall into the comfort of a slow life. Nowadays, Hangzhou, as the headquarters of Alibaba, seems to be unable to get rid of the 996 label. All kinds of big factories are constantly entering, working overtime to suspect life, housing prices are getting higher and higher, and they are approaching Shanghai. The anxiety level of Hangzhou life is by no means lower than that of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and a new city of struggle was born. Sanya can be regarded as a prosperous travel city, and the “Island Tour” can be regarded as an inherent impression of the original people, thanks to its tropical climate and the continuous opening of luxury hotels. Now Sanya, it can be said that all the Internet celebrity elements are integrated in the city. Snorkeling and yachting are no longer enough. All kinds of tricks are the current trend: surfing, paddle board trips, seaside horse riding and so on. Not only that, the unpopular cities around Sanya have gradually become everyone’s second destination, and they are really “touring”. The phrase “Guilin’s landscape is the best in the world” that no one knows really left a deep impression on everyone, but as a popular travel destination ten years ago, it is now a little bleak. Perhaps because of Guangxi’s unique noodle culture, tourists don’t seem to care so much about going to Guilin for mountain and water tours now. A bowl of authentic snail noodles may be more satisfying than boating on the Lijiang River. In a city full of sour bamboo shoots even coffee shops, it seems that “with powder” is the new world. In addition to the century-old ancient capital, Xi’an also has a net name “Mo”. As the rich N generation of Emperor Qin Shihuang, every person in Shaanxi is a master of flour art. Lamb steamed buns, Tongguan Roujiamo, stone steamed buns, dumpling banquet and Biángbiáng noodles, the impression of Xi’an is also like a bowl of hot steamed steamed steamed buns, real and fresh. Now there are some cool new words in the Xi’an entry database, and the derivative folk arts brought about by the collision of fashion and history also make this ancient city younger and full of contrasts. Whether it’s the bowl of wine in Yongxingfang or the light show in Qujiang, the cultural experience with folk customs has rekindled, and the challenge called “Xi’an” has become a new way for Internet celebrities to check in, letting people say “Is the Douyin headquarters?” “In Xi’an” jokingly questioned. When I went to Changsha a few years ago, Juzizhoutou, which is full of rivers and clear waters, and Yuelu Academy, visited by countless literati and inkmen, are must-see attractions. The precipitation from history always has a sense of experience that allows people to be taught. And now the reason for going to Changsha is very simple-eating, whether it’s tea-like beauty or super literary friends, has made this place a destination that everyone wants to travel to, and the rise of national tide food culture has truly refreshed The label of the city. In a city full of fireworks, people are used to starting “prematurely”, filling their stomachs with a bowl of steaming hot dried noodles, and then continue to live and work step by step, commonly known as “Buddha”. The conversations in the market with rough voices may not be familiar to them, but as long as they meet, they can talk casually, the so-called “jianghu”. The past epidemic has caused some changes in Wuhan, and even socializing has become cautious. But also in this silent time, the city began to grow savagely. Diversified cultural activities have taken root here, innovative cultural industries have also been introduced one by one, and now Wuhan people have learned to enjoy life more and more. Speaking of Qinhuangdao, I have to think of Beidaihe, a health resort, as one of the earliest seaside resorts developed in China. The pleasant weather and high-quality beach water, blowing the sea breeze to experience the quiet life must be enough to heal the soul. The advantage of the distance from Beijing also makes Qinhuangdao the first choice for recuperation for escaping from city life. Now when thinking of Qinhuangdao, many people subconsciously use Anaya to describe it. The community, which arrived at the Qinhuangdao Railway Station in a 40-minute drive, has become a utopia that people maintain with drama, music, and creation. In June, Anaya will also usher in a grand theater festival. What kind of sparks will the interesting expressions gather here? “It’s a blessing for Sansheng, otherwise my life will be even more plain” is Wang Zengqi’s memory of this treasure city. The unique location of “Sanchakou” makes this hinterland full of tolerance, with mountains and forests, and There are open grasslands, which can be described as a city to see the scenery of the Northland. It is the jewel of the Great Wall Museum and the “Davos of the East”. Now the city is beginning to welcome more international faces, and the “Winter Olympics Era” has become a business card for the city to connect with the future. With the opening of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou High-speed Railway and the successive establishment of supporting facilities in international cities, technology and commerce have increasingly become new urban engines. Which other cities do you think have updated their entry attributes? 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