Home Cuisine ‘Long-legged dancer’ – Famous specialties in the West make “drinking people” crazy

‘Long-legged dancer’ – Famous specialties in the West make “drinking people” crazy


‘Long-legged dancer’, also known as dry imitation – a famous specialty in the West, is loved by many people.
It is the closeness, the unmistakable delicious taste, the dry imitation that has become a dish that attracts tourists when coming to the West. According to some people in the West, this dish originated from Cambodia. After being “introduced” to Vietnam, thanks to ingenuity and carefulness, accompanied by the typical aroma of the West, it became famous.

“Long-legged dancer” or imitation dried dish is a famous specialty of the West. (Illustration) Dried imitation after processing is a delicious dish that “drinkers” cannot ignore. (Illustration) To get that “famous” dry dish, people have to wade through the vast fields every night. After catching the frogs, they will peel off the skin, wash them with clean water, marinate them with spices, and then dry them. Dried imitations in the right style, high quality must be marinated with chili, pepper, salt and other spices to absorb evenly before drying. The rice frogs with small size will be more delicious than other types of frogs. Imitation meat after marinating spices is brought to dry. (Illustration) When dried, the clones are only with fingers, on average 4kg of fresh clones will produce 1kg of dried clones and sell for about 300,000 VND on weekdays, and on holidays can be up to more than 500,000 VND / 1kg. When traveling to the West, you can go to the village of dried imitations in Vinh Ha hamlet (Vinh Trung commune, Tinh Bien district, An Giang province) to be able to buy delicious dishes in the right way. Western dried imitations are favored by people with beautiful names such as “long-legged dancers”, “giant beautiful women” … perhaps because this dish brings an unforgettable taste, like a girl beautiful makes it hard to ignore when looking at. Dried imitations are called with many beautiful names such as “long-legged dancer”, “giant beauty queen”,… (Illustration image) Dried imitations can be processed into many other delicious dishes such as grilled dried frogs on a charcoal stove, deep-fried, fried in garlic butter or more sophisticated than “long-legged dancers” fried with fish sauce. Dried imitation fish sauce. (Illustration) In the West, popular and easy to make is a fried imitation with garlic butter. Just add a little oil in a hot pan, fry for about 15 minutes on low heat, when it’s almost cooked, add garlic butter and you get a delicious dry garlic plate. Bite a piece of dried imitation, feel the toughness, crunchiness of the frog, the spicy and aromatic taste of garlic and chili, accompanied by the sweet and sour taste of fish sauce. So simple, but this dish gives visitors an unforgettable aftertaste of the quintessence of Western cuisine.