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At noon, check-in at Hai Au hotel in the center of Co To Island (Quang Ninh). Fresh seafood meal, very delicious. Delicious partly because of the sea air, the sea landscape.
The electric car rental package took us to visit the Island. I do not intend to write about the beautiful scenery of Co To because just clicking on Wikipedia Uncle – old friends – listen and see the landscape of the island quite fully.

Lighthouse on Co To island. Co To impressed me from a young age. Mr. Van Bao invited me to go to the island but could not arrange with him. Sitting here today, I miss you so much – You’re gone! Co To that day was wild and attractive to tourists. Co To has Thanh Lam mandarin oranges and sai worms – a very unique specialty of the island. Have you enjoyed a bowl of Luc Quoc dumplings in Pho Hue, Cho Hom yet? Great broth is this cult dish! The tram driver is a longtime resident of the Island of Fun. He is like an enthusiastic guide. He is the owner of Hai Au Hotel. Talking with him is fun to . His name is Bui Hong Van. He said: In the past, the islanders were mainly Vietnamese of Chinese origin … residing on the island, where the “good land birds perched”. In 1979 “the wind blew through”… Now there are only a few households left, but the lifestyle on the island is more or less imprinted with the customs and habits of the Chinese people. The author of the article at a hotel on Co To island on May 31, 2020. On May 9, 1961, Uncle Ho visited the island. Uncle said: Our country has forests and seas. The forest of gold, the sea of ​​silver, Uncle compared the island to a precious gem we must protect and build the island to become richer and more beautiful… We are walking on Route 9-5 (the mark of Uncle Ho’s visit to the island), the two sides are straight. Rows of Arhat pine trees lead to the island district park. The islanders built a monument to Uncle Ho, remembering the day Uncle returned to the island. There are two beautiful lotus ponds, the islanders took the effort to bring here from the Lotus Village in Uncle’s hometown. Tung La Han symbolizes Co To island (like the square eagle tree in Ly Son island, the three maple tree in Truong Sa). Tung La Han creates a very beautiful canopy, ripe fruit has the image of Arhat worshiping Buddha, a precious tree for connoisseurs of ornamental creatures. Through the story with Mr. Bui Hong Van ; It can be said that the new face of Co To Island was marked in two periods. Firstly , it was the early 80s of the last century ; with policies to encourage people to build a new economy on the island. At that time, the largest population was Thanh Hoa people, then Nam Dinh, Thai Binh … People who came to the island were divided by the local government into plots, allocated residential land, and cultivated land. Second, the island district was established. On October 16, 2013, the electric light was pulled out to the island. If there is electricity, there is tap water. Roads open. The mainland is closer to the island. The pace of urban construction is very fast. In recent years, the real estate market has grown rapidly. Inland business companies flocked to the island to buy land to open restaurants, hotels and resorts. The wave of business beat those who had previously moved to the island to “build a new economy”. Land is expensive, many people sell to go home to live… & The owner of Hai Au hotel took us across the island. Through the pristine forests, rocky mountains to the coastal roads, beaches. There are places like my hometown in the midland area of ​​Phu Tho with fruit trees, cows and rice fields, growing vegetables. In the valley , the freshwater reservoir for the islanders is very large . The scenic spots : the towering lighthouse , the lighthouse , the rocky beach , the waves crashing against the rocky beach , tossing white foam . Van Chay beach has light waves, clear blue water. How poetic when visitors walk on the “Love Road” leading to the “Love Bathing Station”, enjoy a cup of coffee in the “Peaceful Kitchen” shop, watch the waves crash on the shore … a beautiful beach full of beauty. Since this place caught the eye, the director chose a scene for the hit movie called “A lifetime of resentment”. & I discussed with the hotel owner that I am not very fond of the modern urban development throughout the island because if you enjoy luxury travel with the scenery of the island’s coastal road at night with lights and flowers, loud speakers. … then I search inland. I came to travel here to find the pleasure of the “wild” sea and island, quiet space, salty sea breeze, to experience the fishing life …. He laughed and said “that’s his hobby. “. Unfortunately, residents like us need to have more jobs, expand and flourish. I counter to him ” Because I am god ” ! Just fun. The problem is how to calculate that Co To will forever retain its God-given beauty. How does tourism have its own “unique” identity?