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Learn how to make 4 cooling teas to ‘blow away’ the summer heat


Immediately practice 4 summer cooling drink recipes to dispel the intense heat!
Lychee tea

Resources: – 2 lipton tea bags filter bag – 300ml boiling water – 20g sugar (about 2 tablespoons) – 1 can of canned lychee or 10 lychees. – 1 cup of ice Making: – If it is lychee, remove the pulp and separate it into a bowl. – If it is a can, peel it off and pour it into a bowl. – Tea bags, sugar, boiling water in a cup (big glass) incubated for 10 minutes to infuse the tea into the water. – Then remove the filter bag, use a spoon to stir the sugar. – Pour ice, lychee, and tea into the shaker, cover and shake vigorously until the water is foamy. – Pour the lychee tea into a beautiful decorative glass and enjoy. Peach orange lemongrass tea Trà Resources: Yellow orange: 1 fruit Tea bags: 2 packs Fresh lemongrass: 3 plants Peach syrup: 40 ml Orange syrup: 20 ml A few pieces of pickled peaches Making: Step 1: Choose a yellow orange that is both beautiful and fragrant, although the water is not much, cut the orange in half, cut the areca half in half, and squeeze the other half to get the juice.
Step 2: Lemongrass leaves the old leaves, withered leaves, cut the root, smash and then put in the pot to cook to get water. Leave 1 tree for decoration
Step 3: Cut pieces of boxed peaches, soak tea bags in 1 cup of hot water. Step 4: Prepare a tall glass, put lemongrass juice and tea in. Add the juice of ½ orange. Add peach syrup and orange syrup to the glass and stir well with a spoon. Step 5: Add ice cubes, sliced ​​oranges, peach pieces and a lemongrass tree, stir well to complete. kumquat tea Resources: Lipton tea filter bag: 1-2 bags
Choke: 3 fruits
Honey: 10ml
Sand sugar: 30gr
Salt, ice cubes, boiling water
Tools: shaker, spoon, glass, straw…
Making: Step 1: Brew tea You put 2 Lipton tea bags into the teapot, then pour some boiling water into the pot to wash the tea first and discard the water. Next, you add boiling water to brew tea, about 100ml. Incubate for about 5 minutes. Step 2: Make the syrup Squeeze: squeeze out the juice, remove the seeds. Then, you add in the juice of granulated sugar, honey, salt and stir the mixture. The above quantity is for 1-2 cups of kumquat tea. If you do a lot, increase the quantity accordingly. Step 3: Make delicious kumquat tea Next, you use the shaker to make kumquat tea. You pour about 60ml of kumquat tea into the shaker, add ice cubes, and the syrup mixture in step 2. Shake the mixture well so that the tea is foamed and the ingredients are well blended. Finally, you pour the kumquat tea into a cup and add thinly sliced ​​kumquat to the tea cup to enhance the natural flavor. Passion fruit tea Resources: 4 bags of black tea or black tea 500 ml Boiling water 250 gr Passion fruit flesh 50 gr Sugar 480 ml Filtered water Ice Making: Brew tea bags with 500ml of boiling water for about 2-3 minutes, then remove the filter bags and let them cool. You can choose any type of tea bag you like, be it black tea or black tea. Black tea is the best. Passion fruit flesh is filtered through a sieve to get the juice, try to filter carefully to obtain about 160ml of juice. You can put the flesh of the fruit into a blender and grind it for about 2-3 beats so that the fruit pulp clings to the seeds and peels off, obtaining as much juice as possible. Note, to get the most passion fruit flesh, you need to pay attention to how to choose, buy and store passion fruit. Mix the passion fruit juice with the filtered water, stir in the sugar (if not sweet enough, you can add sugar) and then put it in the refrigerator. When the brewed tea on top has cooled, add ice cubes and also store it in the refrigerator. Put ice cubes in a cup, pour tea into 1/2 cup, pour passion fruit juice in until the cup is full. Xiao Bao (Synthetic) Photo: Collectibles