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International jewelry BEAUFINA X Japan’s most handsome floral master Shinya Enomoto


Born in Tokyo in 1972

Into the line by training Ohara

Become a first-level skill in Japan

Later went to Germany to study European-style floral art

Combine the focus of Japan and the romance of Europe

Made his floral style of its own

Become a master of floral art pursued by Chinese and Western celebrities

Obviously you can rely on face value

The florist who insists on relying on craftsmanship

he is the one

Japan’s most handsome floral master

Enomoto Shinya

“A person’s life is so long

I am willing to be like all Japanese craftsmen


Do one thing in a lifetime. ”

—Enomoto Shinya

The concept of craftsmanship of Mr. Shinya Enomoto is consistent with our ancient “frozen three feet, not a day’s cold; for the mountain nine ren, is a day’s work.” This concept coincides with the international brand of jewelry, BEAUFINA’s commitment to the excellent quality of jewelry Perseverance and sympathy.

In the world of BEAUFINA’s jewelry, every series has its own meaning, from glittering necklaces to mysterious and rare rings. BEAUFINA carefully sculpts each piece of jewelry, not only has exquisite inlays, but also emphasizes the principle of mechanical craftsmanship and the aesthetics of Japanese jewelry.

BEAUFINA is not only committed to providing women with luxurious and exquisite jewelry, but also advocating women’s courage to change and express their individuality. In BEAUFINA, everyone has the potential to become beautiful, enjoy happiness and experience dreams. Making women more willing to please themselves is the mission of BEAUFINA.

From the pursuit of art to the exquisite work; from creating extraordinary innovative designs and to “slowly, do one thing in a lifetime”; from smelling the fragrance of flowers and pleasing the eyes and hearts to women expressing their spiritual joy with jewelry, There is an amazing agreement between BEAUFINA’s jewelry concept of “pleasure oneself” and Mr. Shinya Enomoto.

Teacher Enomoto makes good use of flowers and leaf materials of different colors and textures. On the basis of traditional Japanese flower art, he combines European flower art to show a brand-new European-Japanese flower art style.

Teacher Enomoto has provided floral designs and decorations for Cartier, Bvlgari, Hong Kong Jockey Club Hermes, Ferragamo, Bazaar Magazine, Shiseido, Issey Miyake, Beijing Japanese Club, and private clubs for a long time.

Recently, the international jewelry brand BEAUFINA has joined hands with Mr. Shinya Enomoto, the most handsome floral master in Japan, drawing inspiration from the profound “artisan spirit” and embarking on a floral experience journey. This is the ultimate collision of dazzling sparkle and concentration, creating a romantic atmosphere for the wearers of BEAUFINA light luxury jewelry.

In recent years, the domestic jewelry industry has ushered in a period of rapid development. But what is hidden is the serious contradiction between the urgent need for transformation and upgrading of the industry and the homogenization of market competition. In this context, how to innovate and attract more consumers’ attention has become an urgent issue for major jewelry brands to solve.

This time, BEAUFINA has joined hands with Japanese florists to integrate the experience of vision, touch and smell, and strive to create a marketing form of innovative experience. It has injected gurgling water into the jewelry industry with serious marketing homogeneity, and brought more high-quality experiences to consumers.

One pursues handed down works in the flower art world, and the other creates a light luxury trend in the jewelry industry. The encounter is accidental and inevitable. The story between us wrote a big “to be continued”, maybe it was just the beginning.