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COVID-19: The only place in New York that can’t reopen yet


The building located in the central district of Manhattan is where people in New York come to register their marriage but has not yet reopened because the risk of COVID-19 infection is too high.

A couple and marriage registration certificate. (Source: wsj.com) New York State and New York City have fully reopened since May 19, but there is one place that is still unable to welcome special guests, happy people, that is the New York marriage registration office. . The building is located in the central district of Manhattan where people not only in New York come to register their marriage, so the standard important procedure here is that couples will hug, kiss passionately and take photos to save. memorable moment after being awarded the sacred certificate. But now, the traditional procedures indispensable for couples who want to be married cannot be done because of the risk of infection. COVID-19 too high, even when the pandemic has been pushed back in New York as it is now. The New York marriage registration office has been closed since March 2020 after the pandemic broke out here. It has long been considered a symbolic destination for marriage, and before the pandemic hit, this massive building saw long lines of brides and grooms lining up to be officially spoken. “I agree/you agree” to your other half. In an interview with the Vietnam News Agency reporter, Mr. Michael McSweeney, in charge of the marriage registration office New York , stated: “Before the pandemic hit, our office was very busy, especially during the warmer months, and we did marriage formalities for couples on a first-come, first-served basis. So every day, many people come to line up, they bring their relatives and children here, so the atmosphere is always fun like a festival. A lot of people in other places also want to choose New York as the place to officially say something special.” At that time, flower and photography shops are always ready to open their doors to welcome happy guests to capture their memorable moments. But those scenes are now gone. As of March 2020, marriage recognition ceremonies in New York must be conducted online, and couples receive marriage certificates also on the online platform. In 2020, the office marriage registration New York held an online marriage registration ceremony for 25,603 couples; much less than the 75,370 pairs registered in 2019 due to the impact of the pandemic. Joanne Stevenson and her husband, who went to the New York marriage office to complete the marriage certificate in 2019, shared: “It’s boring to see this place so quiet, but to be honest, that’s why we didn’t have to. have to line up.” As for Joanne’s husband, she remembers the scene like a “happy office” when they went to do the marriage procedures in 2019. He feels sorry now that couples have to get married online . City officials are planning to be able to open the door to welcome couples to register for marriage while ensuring everyone’s safety, but the ability to organize according to the traditional method before the pandemic is still too difficult. . Mr. McSweeney said that the marriage registration office is currently working with relevant New York City agencies to develop a specific plan to help people come to register their marriage directly as before. .