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Buying pork leg, should I choose the front leg or the back leg?


The hoof is one of the tastiest parts on a pig. Depending on the dish, the cook will choose the front or rear legs accordingly.

Spring rolls are very nutritious, contain a large amount of calcium, iron, vitamins A, B, C … Oriental medicine believes that hock worms have the effect of tonic blood, milk, softening, and kidney tonic… Not only have nutritional value, pork leg can also be processed in many different ways such as stewing, stir-frying, boiling, imitating civet, ham… However, a pig has only 4 front and rear legs. Meat ratio is also different, making many people wonder how to buy pork leg, which part to buy. Sohu page information, although they are the same legs, the front and hind legs have a difference in taste and sweetness. Depending on the dish, choose the type of front or rear legs accordingly. Pig’s front legs are both fat and lean, and the meat is tender. However, the forelegs often have more tendons, so they will be sweet, crunchy and have a lighter taste after cooking. It is suitable for processing dishes such as boiling, stewing, making porridge, imitation civet… The hind legs of the pig are active, the muscle structure is firm, and the lean is evenly distributed on the surface. Pork legs are suitable for filtering meat, stir-frying, cooking porridge… When comparing the meat of the two legs, it was found that the meat of the forelegs was 1/3 fat and 2/3 lean. Between the fibers of lean meat there is a thin film like beef. In terms of taste, the forelimbs are sweeter and more delicate, so the price is usually more expensive than the hind legs. In addition to choosing the front or rear legs to have delicious food, when buying pork legs, you need to pay attention to their freshness. Specifically, you can observe the color, the smell of meat. Quality pork will have a light pink to dark red color, with no rancid smell. When cutting the meat vertically, you can see the dry meat inside, the muscle is slightly tight, the skin is soft, the fat is white to slightly ivory and when you smell it, there is no strong smell of oil. In addition, when boiled, the water will be clear, large fat scum will appear and not much foam. Observing the elasticity also contributes to the perception of the freshness of the meat. When buying, you can press the meat with your fingers. If the meat is fresh, the fibers of the meat will be even, firm, not mushy, good elasticity, not leaking viscous fluid. Photo: Internet. Invite readers to watch the video: Health benefits of crispy persimmons. Source: Hanoitv.