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In the original Wang Chuanfu, BYD is Xiaomi’s eldest brother


Wang Chuanfu and Lei Jun have been very hot recently.

A piece of advice from the big brother in the field of car manufacturing was misinterpreted by the media, forcing Wang Chuanfu to come out and explain it again to everyone, which shows that he has a sincere love for Xiaomi.

“If the company’s strategic direction is wrong, losing 5 billion is not too much, but the lost three years is very important.” This sentence is the advice of Wang Chuanfu to Xiaomi as a past person, and it is basically a friendly comment reminder. It’s not a mockery of Xiaomi’s mistakes in making cars with strategic problems.

Xiaomi and BYD seem to be companies that have no intersection at all, but in fact they have a long-term and in-depth relationship. The two parties have had strategic cooperation for many years. Facing this new company entering the automotive industry, Wang Chuanfu sincerely advises Xiaomi. And extremely valuable.

Entering the auto industry, Xiaomi must find a better strategic partner.

For a long time, Xiaomi and BYD have maintained a very good state of strategic cooperation. BYD, which has been deeply involved in the field of mobile phone batteries, has always been OEM production for Xiaomi. Wang Chuanfu said in the relationship between the two parties: BYD has always been a foundry factory for Xiaomi mobile phones. .

It can be seen that the depth of this relationship far exceeds the cognition of some people.

On the original basis, if Xiaomi wants to build a car, it must find a reasonable and highly influential partner. When it comes to choosing a partner, it seems that Xiaomi is not in a hurry, because for this company, mobile phones Years of development in the field have given it a loyal and strong partner.

BYD is not only a giant in the field of mobile phone batteries, but also a leader in the automotive field.

And its focus is not the traditional internal combustion engine market, but the new energy field that Xiaomi is about to enter, which for Xiaomi is more like rain from the sky.

BYD and Xiaomi have a deep cooperation relationship. When BYD is transforming from an OEM to a supplier, the so-called competitive relationship no longer exists. For Xiaomi, BYD will become the best pioneer in the automotive field. .

Wang Chuanfu is right, Xiaomi can’t afford to waste time.

Building a car is still a very test of corporate determination. The new energy market has undergone tremendous changes in the past three years. With reference to the success and changes of Weilai Auto, Xiaomi Auto will not allow mistakes in a more competitive market in the future.

However, the Xiaomi car is still a blank sheet of paper, no factory, no front-line scientific research personnel, and the vehicle design, research and development, testing and debugging and matching work have not been carried out. It will take at least two years to master these all alone.

So, the best way for Xiaomi is OEM.

BYD does not reject OEMs. The mobile phone field has always been the strongest OEM. Many brands, including Huawei, are OEMs by BYD. For Wang Chuanfu, Xiaomi is not an additional competitor after the car is built. , But a stronger partner and a better ecological environment system in the field of new energy.

Although Xiaomi does not have outstanding accomplishments in the automotive field, it has an excellent ecological environment, big data, better APP and underlying architecture system, which can provide a better smart car experience for BYD.

BYD can provide a better basic method of foundry, and Xiaomi can better connect things with its new gameplay, ecological environment, MIUI architecture system, and furniture equipment, which can provide a very good ecological environment for car manufacturing.

For BYD, the entry of Xiaomi can serve the purpose of promoting the development of the industry. For Xiaomi, it needs to find a company that carries the dream of PPT, is willing to OEM for Xiaomi, and has been OEM for Xiaomi mobile phones. Is the best partner.