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Banana leaves are made into a tray in Korea, costing more than half a million dong/set


While in Vietnam banana leaves are sold at a relatively cheap price, even being thrown away, in Korea a set of 9 trays of banana leaves costs up to more than 500,000 VND.
Green lifestyle is becoming the trend of the times, widely accepted by the community, so products made from natural materials are also strongly welcomed by many markets. Not only are these products friendly to the environment, these products also help add value to materials that are considered waste such as bagasse, water hyacinth, straw or banana leaves.

Recently, the image of a rather expensive product line made from banana leaves produced by Appree (Korea) company continues to surprise Vietnamese netizens. This product is called “banana leaf tray” (roughly translated: Banana leaf tray), the price ranges from 3.15 USD to 4.95 USD. Specifically, the product line has 3 sizes depending on usage needs: Small round tray with retail price from 3.15 USD (72,000 VND)/piece, large round tray from 4.95 USD (113,000 VND)/piece, Long trays cost from 4.55 USD (104,000 VND)/piece. Alternatively, you can buy as a set. Set of 3 long banana leaf trays costs $9, a set of three large round trays costs $10, a set of three small round trays costs $5 and a set of nine assorted trays costs $25, equivalent to more than VND570,000. These trays can be used to store food, cosmetics, accessories, and stationery. The manufacturer wants users to be closer to nature through easily accessible items in daily life. Instead of using plastic or stainless steel boxes, we can completely use banana leaves to create very pretty decorative trays. Moreover, banana leaves are organic waste that is easy to decompose, so it does not affect the environment like when using plastic. However, some people wonder how these banana leaf trays can be preserved? Is it easy to tear, mold, and wilt like normal banana leaves? Minh Hoa (th)