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Unique with a mezzanine tube house using a vegetable garden as an insulating roof


The mezzanine tube house in the article is famous for its architecture that turns the roof into a lush vegetable garden.

For a long time, gardening and drying rice have become a spiritual image associated with houses in Vietnamese villages; However, the process of urbanization is gradually changing this traditional architecture and space. Understanding these values, the architect team of TAA DESIGN designed a project called Red Roof House for a 50-year-old couple born and raised in the Quang Ngai village in 2019. It is known that Red Roof House is a mezzanine tube house on an area of ​​​​80m2, located next to the main road of the village. Due to the limited land fund, the architects have integrated many functions such as living room, kitchen, outdoor wood stove cooking area, bedroom, toilet, drying yard, granary, chicken yard,… The ground floor combines with a small courtyard in front, middle and back of the house to connect the spaces together Because the area of ​​the function rooms is quite small, the cooking area is open-air so that the house is well ventilated, preventing smoke and heat from the kitchen from entering. In particular, the group of architects designed the courtyard on the mezzanine floor into an agricultural garden cum roof. In the garden grow clean vegetables such as morning glory, squash, onions, cabbage, celery, … to provide for the family or for relatives and villages. In addition, the vegetable garden also plays a role in insulating the house, so that the temperature inside the house is significantly improved compared to the surrounding corrugated iron roof houses. Thanks to the uniqueness and creativity in the design of rural houses, the Red Roof project once won the award “Thematic about sustainable social-humanistic housing solutions” and resonated greatly. Ground floor design drawing (01: Bicycle; 02: Front yard; 03: Porch; 04: Living room; 05: Kitchen and dining room; 06: Middle courtyard; 07: Toilet; 08: Barn: 09) : Master bedroom: 10: Wardrobe; Backyard). Mezzanine floor design drawings (01: Stairs; 02: Changing room; 03: Bedroom; 04: Toilet; 05: Middle courtyard; 06: Space; 07: Vegetable growing area).