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When the Misses make a tornado spin: Do Thi Ha or Khanh Van are more impressive?


Performing a tornado spin when performing an evening dress is a great way to help the Misses score extremely strong points with the judges and the audience. Miss Do Thi Ha is also practicing this ‘divine’ dress rotation and how does it compare to Miss Khanh Van?

Recently, the fanpage of Miss World Vietnam has revealed a clip of Miss Do Thi Ha practicing the catwalk, which is believed by many to prepare for the Miss World 2021 contest (scheduled to be held later this year). Do Thi Ha wears a floating pink dress, showing off her long legs, striding confidently. Then she turned around and raised her skirt to create an impressive ending for the performance. Do Thi Ha’s expression surprised many people because Hau was more confident and performed more professionally. Do Thi Ha’s beautiful dress rotation reminded many people of the performance of Miss H’Hen Niê at the Miss Universe 2018 contest. H’Hen Niê then strode on stage while performing a “whirlwind swing”. vortex” beautiful. At the 69th Miss Universe, Miss Khanh Van also had a beautiful dress rotation as soon as she stepped on the stage to perform the evening dress. The light chiffon skirt helps to make Khanh Van’s “whirlwind” more attractive. To get this impressive moment, Miss Khanh Van had to practice hundreds of times. Because it’s not easy to raise the skirt while turning and smiling brightly to catch the camera in just a few short seconds, Miss Do Thi Ha will definitely need a lot of practice to have the perfect swing. on the next Miss World stage.