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Cristiano Ronaldo’s “Scoring King” trophy wins 9 digital service providers


【Lieyun.com Beijing】Reported on June 19
“Cloud payment, cloud services, cloud shopping, cloud shopping…” In order to make consumers’ lives more convenient, more and more service industries have begun to digitize. Over the past year or so, there has been a significant increase in merchants moving services from offline to online. One of the heroes behind the scenes is the digital service provider that helps these merchants access digital business tools such as mobile payments and mini programs.
On June 19th, in order to thank service providers for their contribution to the promotion of the digitalization of the service industry, Alipay awarded the “Scoring King” trophy to 9 of them with outstanding performance, including Cashier Bar, Siborui, Yikelian, and Lichu Technology , Mi Ya Technology, Yuanhui Technology, Yidian Technology, Ruitong Technology, etc.
Group photo of award-winning service providers
As a global partner of UEFA, Alipay named and designed the “Scoring King” trophy for this European Cup. This time, the same trophy was awarded to the partners. On the same day, Alipay also invited a group of service providers participating in the “European Cup Growth Plan” to conduct business discussions and watch the live broadcast of the European Cup together.
It is understood that the merchants that these service providers help include not only the leading merchants in the retail, fast-moving, catering, apparel and other industries, but also a large proportion of small shop owners who have contacted the Internet for the first time. In terms of supported content, some only provide mobile payment services or issuing coupons on behalf of operators, and some provide one-stop intelligent services to achieve a complete closed loop from online delivery to offline verification.

After completing the digital upgrade, businesses can further reduce costs and provide good services to more users, which makes it easier for users to obtain services, and businesses have stronger anti-risk capabilities. Data shows that in the mini program alone, 1 million new merchants have been added in the past year, using mini programs as self-operated carriers to access the Alipay platform to carry out digital operations. Jing Xiandong, Chairman and CEO of Ant Group, said, “Alipay will further increase its opening up. It will provide partners with continuous product upgrades, the opening of more centralized traffic, and the provision of more complete self-operating tools. better service”. It is understood that the service providers who won the “Scoring King” trophy this time have long been committed to helping businesses realize digital transformation. The following is a list of service providers: Shanghai Shouqianba Internet Technology Co., Ltd.: Founded in 2013, Shanghai Shouqianba Internet Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading digital store integrated service provider in China. It provides merchants with mobile payment collection, marketing management software, advertising, supply chain, shared power bank, merchant community, etc. Services, all-round solutions to the needs of offline merchants to open stores. At present, Shouqianba’s business covers 660 cities in China, serving 4 million offline brick-and-mortar businesses, and its customers include both international chain brands and couples’ stores. Receiving Money has won the Alipay Scoring King Award 3 times. Chengdu Sibo Rui Technology Co., Ltd.: Founded in 2010, Chengdu Siborui Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading smart retail service provider in China. It has won the Alipay “Scoring King” award twice. Spirent cooperates with Alipay to provide retail merchants with one-stop smart retail solutions and omni-channel digital marketing tools in the aspects of payment, membership marketing, agency operation services, small program applications, and smart service terminals. Yikelian Information Technology Co., Ltd.: Yikelian Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 and is a national high-tech enterprise. Yikelian mainly provides development, digital marketing solutions and digital generation operation services for medium and large chain enterprises such as FMCG, catering, shoes and clothing, and has won the Alipay “Score King” award twice. Currently serving nearly 300 large and medium-sized merchants, accounting for 30% of the national convenience store system TOP100. Hubei Lichu Technology Co., Ltd.: Hubei Lichu Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. It is one of the earliest domestic enterprises engaged in the research and development and application of aggregate payment technology, providing merchants with a one-stop integrated digital management solution. At present, Lichu Scan has served more than 900,000 offline merchants, and the annual transaction amount is nearly 300 billion yuan. With payment as the core, Lichu Scan provides merchants with a variety of digital services including membership, cashiers, aggregated coupons, aggregated applets, advertising and marketing, and its business covers catering, retail, Baibu, leisure and entertainment, and people’s livelihood. . Hangzhou Miya Information Technology Co., Ltd.: Hangzhou Miya Information Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on helping retailers and brand owners realize digital operations, creating a closed-loop link from aggregate payment, member insights to omni-channel marketing, and providing a new customer-centric “Data+AI+SaaS” A generation of operational services. At present, it has reached cooperation with nearly 50 top 100 retail companies and more than 1,400 retail companies in China, covering more than 150,000 store operation scenarios. Typical customers include China Resources Vanguard, Wal-Mart, Liangpin Shop, Zhou Hei Ya, etc. Shanghai Yuanhui Information Technology Co., Ltd.: Founded in 2013, Shanghai Yuanhui Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a digital marketing solution provider, focusing on new retail, providing brand businesses with full-link technology and digital business services. At present, Yuanhui Technology has served more than 50 well-known domestic and foreign FMCG and Internet companies, including Johnson & Johnson, Budweiser, Mead Johnson, Nestlé and other brands. Easy Point Life E-Commerce Co., Ltd.: Easy Point Life E-Commerce Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 to provide integrated global digital marketing services for chain stores, FMCG brands, catering, banking, travel and other industries, and provide full-link product technical support, membership marketing, and card Coupon marketing, mini program development and operation, IoT payment and other services. At present, Yidian Life’s business covers 31 provinces and cities across the country, and has served more than 100,000+ stores nationwide, including merchants such as Yonghui Supermarket and Wal-Mart. Qingdao Ruitong High-tech Co., Ltd.: Qingdao Ruitong High-tech Co., Ltd. is a digital service provider that uses mobile payment as a starting point to provide retail businesses with digital operation and marketing solutions to promote the improvement of store operating efficiency. By providing merchants with access to various digital capabilities such as IoT payment, precision marketing, membership cards, coupons, and live broadcasts, Ruitong Technology has transformed traditional stores into smart stores. Its cooperative customers include leading businesses in industries such as Procter & Gamble, Pechoin, Liby, and Yili. Ruitong Technology has been deeply involved in the software industry for ten years and has won the 2016 Qingdao Industry Leading Enterprise, the 2017 First Shandong New Kinetic Energy Software Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Excellence Award, and the 2020 Group Digital Innovation Cooperation Award