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Vina CHG launches anti-counterfeiting digital stamps


Recently, Vina CHG – a unit specializing in manufacturing and providing modern smart anti-counterfeiting solutions, has introduced the Hologram 3D+ anti-counterfeiting stamp product with differences and high applicability, helping businesses to be more convenient. in the fight against counterfeiting.
The launch of Hologram 3D+ anti-counterfeiting stamp product with a combination of high-tech anti-counterfeiting features and a software system operating on a digitized platform.

According to Nguyen Viet Hong, General Director of Vina CHG, said: “The Hologram 3D+ anti-counterfeiting stamp is developed on a digital platform, printed with multi-dimensional laser engraving technology, creating floating and sinking effects, helping consumers easily recognize it. presented through 3D effects, different from the usual hologram stamps on the market”. This type of stamp is combined with traceability software and SMS, so it is not only difficult to counterfeit but also supports businesses in managing business systems on digital platforms, helping consumers to retrieve information, authenticate products accurate, fast products, suitable for most industries on the market today. Stamps are integrated with SMS technology and QR Code traceability on 3D Hologram background Not only has good anti-counterfeiting ability, high aesthetics, 3D + hologram stamps will also bring more advanced utilities to businesses, helping businesses save costs and operate professionally by integrating capabilities. customer care software, warranty activation…