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Data proof: Huawei Hongmeng is optional for playing games!


Perhaps many engine oils believe that the higher the mobile phone hardware configuration, the better the game play.Secondly, in addition to high hardware configuration, optimization (scheduling strategy) is also needed to bring out its real performance.Yesterday, Xiaobai’s evaluation released the “Peace Elite (Smooth +90 frame rate) test data” on Weibo.

The blogger said: “In some of the new models currently tested, 90 frames of Huawei, Realme, Meizu, and Rescuers are okay. OnePlus and Xiaomi have slightly dropped frames, while vivo and OPPO have dropped in the first version of the system. Frame.”

From the comparison test data, Huawei Mate40 Pro Hongmeng Full frame rate 90.17 resultsRanked first, The second place is the Honor 50 Pro equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G. After the third place is the current most powerful Snapdragon 888 model. . This result is very unexpected!

It seems that Honor 50 Pro has optimized the bottom layer and effectively adjusted it to a high level. . It’s also worth mentioning,The Huawei Mate 40 Pro upgraded to Hongmeng HarmonyOS has a better gaming experience,”Original God”, “Peace Elite”, “King of Glory” can run almost in full frame. What the captain wants to emphasize is, This is the importance of optimization! We can’t just see the stacking of hardware materials, but ignore the ability of tuning and optimization. Sometimes optimizing the experience is more important than stacking hardware. In addition, according to the blogger, At 16:00 this afternoon, the third batch of HarmonyOS internal testing is ready to open for registration. The internal testing list is the Honor model. Xiaoping is dead?This iPhone 12 is discontinued Millet generation “sacred machine” was actually a product 4 years ago It used to be No.1 for taking pictures!Xiaomi’s mysterious new machine enters the network Mate40? The price of the camera on the phone was over 10,000! Honor 50 is beautiful but expensive, so wait for Magic 3 Release next month!This may be the cheapest white flagship machine Don’t choose the wrong version when you buy this flagship machine! [Trailer]In the second half of the year, these 5 new models are worth looking forward to! New phones in May: as low as 699!12 models released, only 3 models recommended Pay attention to the captain, enter the following keywords in the dialog box to obtain: 1. For recommendations of cost-effective mobile phones at various prices, please reply to “purchase” to obtain; 2. The performance ladder diagram, please reply to “CPU” to obtain; 3. WeChat Stealth Please reply separately “ Blank nickname Obtain 4. Baidu SkyDrive “Lite Edition”, please reply to “Baidu SkyDrive” to obtain; 5. Watch VIP video artifacts for free, please reply to “VIP” Obtain (updated) 6. To retrieve the accidentally deleted phone photos, please reply to “Photo Recovery” to obtain; 7. A certain mine on the PC side downloads unlimited speed software, please reply” xunlei ” Obtain; 8. To download the software of high-definition video at station B, please reply to “Station B” to obtain; 9. Are high-speed rail tickets hard to grab? please reply” Grab votes Obtain; 10. Nice brand built-in wallpapers and anime wallpapers, please click ” Here Obtain; 11. To make double avatars on WeChat, please reply to “double avatars” to obtain; 12. To download paid music for free, please reply to “Music” to get (Update the PC side) 13. Visit the foreign education website, please reply “ VPN “Obtain; 14. Get TikTok International Edition ,please reply Douyin “Obtain (New iOS) .