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Decoding the mystery of the Forbidden City: Thrilling palace maidens appeared after the rain in 1992


Up to now, the image of palace maidens appearing by the red wall at the Forbidden City during the 1992 storm has not been explained.
The Imperial Palace of Beijing, also known as the Forbidden City, was the imperial palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties in Chinese history. This is the largest and most complete preserved palace architectural complex in the world.

Since its construction to the present, dozens of emperors have lived in the Forbidden City, leaving behind countless historical stories that are both interesting and scary. Especially the spooky mysteries surrounding this place. Although it is just a word of mouth, unverified and unanswered, it also makes the public extremely excited and curious. Inside the Forbidden City, there are always many mysteries In 1992, a group of tourists visiting the Forbidden City saw the image of a group of palace maids dressed in ancient costumes, lining up to walk in the rain, causing everyone to panic. Witnessing this, some people in the tour group, after regaining their senses, used their cameras to capture the strange scene. Before this mysterious event, there were some scientists who made their own statements, but not many people recognized them. After the above story was widely spread, many people wondered why only these guests witnessed the image of the palace maids. After a while, some scientists explained that perhaps the red walls at the Imperial Palace contain Fe3O4 (iron oxide) and this is the cause of this phenomenon. Specifically, the camera of the delegation contains iron oxide and thanks to this component, when an electric current flows through, the camera can record images of the bows. The researchers also believe that electricity from lightning can travel through red walls, turning it into a “giant camera”. Or like the story in the royal garden, there are often warm female voices during the day and pitiful cries at night Accordingly, it is possible that more than 100 years ago, the group of palace maidens also walked in this area in the middle of a storm. It was the strong lightning in the rain and the red wall that acted as a camera, capturing this scene. After more than 100 years, during the same rain in 1992, the “giant camera” once again happened to work. However, it does not record the image as before, but this time it emits the image. Facing this judgment, some architects have protested because the red wall in the Forbidden City has been painted and repaired many times, so if there is really iron oxide, it has been covered for a long time and cannot be created. a “giant camera” as scientists put it. However, some old people who lived in the Forbidden City in the past believe that this place is a “park” of spirits. In the old feudal times, palace maids and eunuchs were often pushed into a well or beaten to death in a secluded corner. And perhaps because of their sudden death, they are still lingering in this world. In the book “Folk legends of old Beijing” is recorded the story of an elderly eunuch about an incident he witnessed in the past, when the Qing dynasty had not yet ended. He said: “It was an extremely hot night, and I and some other eunuchs returned to their accommodation to rest after completing their assigned tasks. At that time, I went last. Suddenly, I felt Someone tapped me on the shoulder from behind. But when I looked back, I didn’t see anyone.” Many thrilling stories have created the veil of mystery of this ancient place. The old eunuch emphasized his fear, revealing: “I was so scared inside, but I could only keep walking. Then someone tapped me on the shoulder again. I still thought it was the person. But when I turned to look back, I only saw a palace maid without legs, floating in the air.” “At that time, because I was so scared, I screamed. An elderly eunuch later scolded me many times, he said these ghosts are not to blame. Because they only used to go out late at night for a walk. comfort, not arbitrarily harming anyone.” Although there are many conflicting opinions on this issue, so far, no one has been able to give an explanation for this mysterious event. Therefore, the image of the palace maidens walking in the rain in 1992 is forever a mystery. See more: Decipher the mystery of the Forbidden City: Life ‘with the whole country’ only lacks the freedom of the Qing Emperor