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Details of the new Honda PCX 160 coming to Vietnam, from VND 80 million?


The next generation Honda PCX 160 is the latest Japanese scooter model, PCX 160 is expected to be launched in Vietnam by the end of this April, estimated price is about 80 million VND.

Accordingly, a private motorcycle shop in Ho Chi Minh City has just confirmed that it will import the first new batch of Honda PCX 160 2021 to Vietnam by the end of this April. Currently, the PCX 160 price has not been revealed, but it is predicted that this model will cost about 80 to 90 million VND, depending on the version. In the Vietnamese market, the new generation Honda PCX 160 scooter is expected to have 5 colors, including Black Gray, Black Red, Black White, Red Brown, Black Brown (including ABS and non-ABS versions). Version e: HEV is currently only 1 color is White Blue. In general, the new generation Honda PCX 160 has a design change with LED headlights, LED position lights with new textures, larger windshields than the old version, 3D-effect X-type LED taillights. , layered saddle, footrests redesigned for a more comfortable sitting posture. Honda PCX 160cc is a model with a completely changed design with a much more modern and sporty feature and is equipped with advanced technology, meeting the trend of the times such as Full LED lighting system, clock. Full LCD electronic device, integrated SmartKey smart lock, safe HSTC system for users. The car has an overall size with Length x Width x Height 1,935 x 1,108 x742 mm respectively, wheelbase 1,313mm, ground clearance 134mm with overall weight of about 129kg. In addition to the front Smartkey minih lock, there is also a storage compartment for charging mobile devices. Under the saddle is a storage compartment that increases 2.4 liters to 30.4 liters and has a USB charging port. The PCX 160’s smart lock system, in addition to the boot and opening of the trunk, also opens the option of a trunk to fit behind the seat. If the driver forgets to lock the vehicle, the system will automatically lock. Honda equips the new PCX 160 with cast aluminum rims with vignettes. The rear wheel has been reduced by 1 inch to 13 inches. In addition, the PCX 160 2021 uses larger tires, 110 / 70-14 at the front and 130 / 70-13 at the rear with 1-channel ABS brakes and HSTC (Honda Selectable) torque control technology. Torque Control) helps maintain the vehicle’s grip on slippery, sandy terrain … In order to focus on giving the best user experience, the new 2021 PCX 160 scooter model uses a 31 mm diameter telescopic front suspension, 89 mm journey. Meanwhile, the rear shock absorbers are upgraded with a journey of 95 mm, 10 mm longer than the previous generation and made heavier to increase vehicle stability. The all-new Honda PCX 160 is equipped with a new generation SOHC 4-valve eSP + engine with a capacity of 156.93 cc. This engine block will produce up to 15.6 HP at 8500 rpm and a maximum torque of 15 Nm at 6,500 rpm. The engine on the Honda PCX 160 has 2 more valves and a larger capacity than the PCX 150, while the vehicle produces more power and traction. In particular, the PCX 160 e: HEV hybrid version has two choices of driving modes: normal mode (D Mode) and sport mode (S Mode). The price of the Honda PCX 160 2021 car has not been officially announced, but some private importers in Vietnam have offered to sell cars from 80 million VND. Video: Introducing the new generation Honda PCX scooter.