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Digital renminbi can be taken on ATMs, and wages have been distributed on behalf of the pilot program.


Recently, the Beijing branch of ICBC and the Beijing branch of Agricultural Bank of China have taken the lead in launching the mutual exchange function of ATM digital renminbi and cash in Beijing.

ICBC’s more than 3,000 deposit and withdrawal all-in-one machines all over the capital have activated this function, becoming the first bank in Beijing to fully launch digital renminbi cash exchange. In the Wangfujing area, the Agricultural Bank of China has also deployed more than 10 ATM machines, all of which can exchange digital renminbi and cash.
Of course, the prerequisite for using this function is to open the digital wallet of the relevant bank and perform real-name verification.
In fact, many cities across the country are already testing the digital RMB ATM exchange function.
In addition to Beijing, major state-owned banks in pilot cities such as Suzhou, Shenzhen, and Shanghai have officially launched digital RMB exchange tests on ATMs in their outlets.
In January this year, major banks in Shenzhen increased their digital renminbi application innovation. Agricultural Bank of China took the lead in launching the digital renminbi deposit and withdrawal function of ATM machines; some ATMs of Agricultural Bank of China Shanghai Xuhui Branch also have digital renminbi business options.
In mid-May of this year, ICBC Dalian Branch upgraded more than 600 ATMs deployed in the city, counties and districts. Customers who opened ICBC mobile banking in Dalian can apply for a digital renminbi wallet by themselves, and post a digital renminbi. ICBC ATMs with brand stickers, experience the one-stop service of two-way exchange between digital renminbi and cash.

According to users who have experienced ATM cash withdrawal, the overall digital renminbi cash withdrawal transaction is very convenient. First, select “digital renminbi” on the ATM machine, then enter the mobile phone number, then enter the SMS verification code sent to the mobile phone, and select “Cash back cash” , Enter the exchange amount and wallet payment password, you can get cash. The first few steps of the digital renminbi cash deposit process are the same as the cash withdrawal. After entering the mobile phone number and SMS verification code, select “Cash Exchange”, put the cash in the cash box, and enter the wallet payment password to complete the transaction. At present, the digital RMB wallet has not been promoted on a large scale, and it is still in the early stage of investment and exploration. Users in the pilot areas can “get” the digital RMB wallet through the following channels. First, it can be obtained by winning the lottery. Earlier this month, Beijing, Shanghai, Changsha and other cities successively launched the second round of digital renminbi pilot activities. Successful users download the digital renminbi APP and open personal digital wallets by themselves in accordance with the successful text messages or the registration platform guidelines. Next, the operating agency will issue digital renminbi red envelopes to the winning users’ personal digital wallets. Second, you can apply directly to the relevant bank outlets. In major banks participating in the digital renminbi test such as ICBC, Agricultural Bank, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of Communications, Postal Savings, etc., if a resident goes to a branch to apply for a digital renminbi wallet, the bank staff will show a QR code and the staff will guide the customer after scanning When you apply, you can open it at T+2 days at the latest, and some banks can open it on the spot. Some bank business departments will actively invite customers who come to this branch to handle business to open the digital renminbi authority. Third, it can be applied for on-site at the pilot activities related to digital renminbi. The fourth is to try to apply through mobile banking channels. Banks such as the Bank of China have recently sent invitation text messages to many target customers. Customers who receive the text messages can log in to the Bank of China Mobile Banking and click the “digital RMB” icon to apply for activation. It is worth mentioning that in addition to distributing red envelopes to invited test users, there are also some areas that are piloting the use of digital renminbi to pay wages. In this regard, Hainan is at the forefront. According to Nanhai.com, the Hainan Branch of the Bank of Communications has implemented digital RMB subsidies for ethnic minorities. Recently, Bank of Communications Hainan Branch has successfully completed the first wage payment service for the entire bank’s employees through digital renminbi payment, real-time payment, real-time payment to the account, and real-time query of the payment results. It is understood that the Hainan Branch of the Bank of Communications currently supports payment of bonuses, pensions, reimbursements, subsidies, etc., in addition to issuing digital renminbi wages and subsidies. Mobile payment was once regarded as one of the “Four New China Inventions”, which changed the payment habits of Chinese people. However, in recent years, there have been endless telecommunication fraud incidents, which means that traditional mobile payment still needs to be improved. Digital RMB draws on blockchain technology, and all transaction information will be recorded in the block. Even if users use offline transactions, the use of technical means can still be traced back to the circulation channels of funds, and the security is higher than that of mobile payments and banknotes. . The digital renminbi has completed pilot tests in many cities, and the test scenarios and participating institutions have continued to achieve breakthroughs, which means that the large-scale application of digital renminbi is not far away. Have you used a digital renminbi? How do you feel? (source:Cui Cui)