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Inventory of original post-85 actresses: 4 Zhang Yuqi, 3 Yang Mi, the task of blocking Tong Yao is handed over to Zhao Liying


Preface: Tong Yao recently won the Magnolia Award for viewing, Zhang Xiaofei not long ago won the 18th Film Channel Media Concern Unit, they are all post-85 actresses, they are not traffic stars, but with solid acting skills and Excellent works have been recognized.

We are familiar with the “85 flowers”-Yang Mi, Zhao Liying, Liu Shishi, Liu Yifei, Tang Yan, angelababy, when will they get the rear-view and shadow queen? So far, only Zhao Liying has won the Golden Eagle Award, and only baby has won the Hundred Flowers Award for Best Supporting Actress, and none of the others have won any decent awards.
Let’s take a look at the film and television inventory of “post-85 actresses”. The largest number is Zhang Yuqi, with as many as 4. After Zhang Yuqi became popular because of “Sister Riding the Wind and the Waves”, she was really out of control. In many fashion occasions and awards ceremonies, Zhang Yuqi can be equal to Yang Mi, Liu Shishi, Liu Yifei, Tang Yan, and baby.

Of the four TV series Zhang Yuqi, two are first and two are second, the gold content is still very high. The three stocks are Jiang Shuying, Yang Mi, Song Qian, Mao Xiaotong, Ma Sichun and Ni Ni. Among these 6 actresses, Yang Mi and Ma Sichun have the highest gold content, because they starred in the same film and television dramas. The two stocks are Tong Yao, Liu Yifei, Zhao Liying, and Baby, and the most valuable are Liu Yifei and Zhao Liying. They starred in the film and television dramas. In particular, Zhao Liying would like to say in particular that she is very likely to become the first “85 Flower Grand Slam Queen” by virtue of “Happiness to Ten Thousand Homes”-winning the Magnolia Award and Feitian Award. Tang Yan, Liu Shishi, and Jing Tian have 1 inventory. Liu Shishi is the most pitiful. Her inventory is a guest appearance-the main melody movie “1921”. Tang Yan’s inventory is very strong. It is the TV series “Flowers” starring with Hu Ge and Ma Yili, but Ma Yili is more likely to win an award than Tang Yan, unless Ma Yili has fewer roles than Tang Yan. Zhang Xiaofei is more pitiful than Liu Shishi. She has no stock. She starred in the movie “Hello, Li Huanying” with a box office of 5.4 billion, but she hasn’t received a new drama for 4 months? Is the boss Jia Ling too greedy? High asking price? Did Zhang Xiaofei not care about it? Or is Zhang Xiaofei’s drama too narrow and can only act in films directed by Jia Ling? A terrible thing: Except for Zhao Liying, there is no one in the inventory of Yang Mi, Liu Shishi, Liu Yifei, Tang Yan, and baby that can compete for the rear-view. And Tong Yao’s “Heart in the Heart” is very competitive, and it is hopeful that it will be viewed behind. The task of stopping Tong Yao was left to Zhao Liying to save face for the “85 Flowers”. Discussion: Who is your favorite actress after 1985?