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DIY water lead craft丨gift packaging, greeting card decoration, it is even more subdivided!


The Japanese have a special feeling for “knot”

Think that there is a human soul where the knot is

So when giving gifts, in order to express the giver’s wishes

Will tie beautiful paper ropes and decorative knots

This kind of paper rope is most commonly used in packaging

Called mizuhiki (mizuhiki)

It is a traditional knotting craft in Japan

Shui Yin-the traditional Japanese knotting technique originated from Chinese knots, and was passed back to Japan by envoys sent to the Sui Dynasty during the Muromachi period. The reason why Shui Yin is called “Shui Yin” is because the original production material used ramie rope. To make ramie rope, the ramie needs to be peeled and soaked. This process is called “water lead”, so “water lead” can also be another name for hemp rope. However, in the Heian period, the material used to make Mizutaki became Japanese paper. On the one hand, washi paper has more texture and taste; on the other hand, washi paper is more suitable for styling. It has enough toughness to shape freely, and it is easy to dye. The rich colors can make the made water more beautiful. Initially, water yin was mainly used in ceremonial occasions such as greeting the spring, celebrating the birthday, celebrating the birthday, sacrificing ceremonies, weddings and funerals, as a decorative ritual rope for gift packaging. With the advancement of technology, the shape of Shui Yin is no longer single, and the color is more abundant, which is widely used in life. Nowadays, Shui Yin can not only be used in the production of accessories and matched with kimonos, but also can be used as flower decorations, interior decoration, and a token of friendship for men and women…

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