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The original LV new style is like a roadside stall explosion!Liu Yifei’s whole LV Taobao style is too strong, it is rare to wear it well


LV, as a representative of the country style among the big names, the printing of the northeast, the woven bag of the hometown, but because LV completely turned over, and the biggest problem of LV is that it is not easy to wear, the fancy design and those of the models A complete set of outfits is not suitable for ordinary people at all.

However, I don’t know if LV has changed its style. In recent years, the design has become more and more low-key. Not long ago, the early spring promotional video of LV2022 was exposed, and 11 brand ambassadors all wore the latest clothing to go abroad. , But this time LV, in terms of design style, has a clear sense of cheapness in Taobao style.

The simplicity of the color matching of each item and the basic design of the design make LV completely lost the previous brand tonality, but a lot of the feeling of Taobao explosion…In fact, this change makes LV even more. Easy to wear and convenient, and the so-called “ Taobao explosion style “, in fact, it is an exaggerated expression of easy-to-wear, and the most obvious signs of this style are these two points.

Basic color wear

A sign of Taobao’s explosive style is the basic sense of color, like White, black, denim blue These easy-to-wear and common colors can almost become popular styles with any single product. This makes LV’s new models this season even more of the visual sense of Taobao’s popular styles.

As the spokesperson of LV, Liu Yifei has no sense of high class in every style of LV, but this time the style makes everyone shine. The white and black silhouette top is matched with the yellow and black printed skirt, and Liu Yifei is new. The changed hairstyle, the whole person feels like the most popular model on Taobao!

The most obvious thing about Taobao’s explosives is that almost everyone can wear them. , Like Liu Yifei’s look, it’s almost a style that doesn’t choose people. A long-profile top and a thigh-short skirt are what we often say “ Top long and bottom short “The way of dressing, coupled with the obvious silhouette of the top, is simply too much modification of the figure.

And look at other new models, in In terms of collocation, almost all of them are this kind of easy-to-wear matching method to modify the figure. , Short top + miniskirt/trousers The combination, Shoulder pad straight line suit + shorts The combination of these outfits is almost directly based on different considerations. It seems that in order to fit the public this time, LV really did not hesitate to change the luxury of its own brand, directly down to the most acceptable Taobao style.

Stitching of stripes in various colors

One of the other signs of Taobao’s explosion is that Stitching of stripes ! Because the stripes are really easy to wear and they are very versatile, so everyone can close their eyes and start with the style, and the LV stripe stitching is almost the same as the common styles.

The only bright spot should be Uniqueness in color Up…

LV has always liked those very fancy color combinations, and the stitching of stripes is no exception. Pink + purple + black + white stripe combination , The color hierarchy of the whole body is more obvious because of the striped pattern, and compared to the usual regular stripe stitching, LV chose a splicing method with obvious sense of change, which adds to the bright spots of the whole body.

However, this design is far less versatile than black and white stripes.

Black and white stripes It is our most common style. This time LV also launched several black and white striped items. The stitching of stripes of different thicknesses on Cecilia Cheung and Nana Ouyang also showed a completely different sense of maturity and girlhood.

Therefore, the different stripe stitching methods are really different for the style of display: The thick stripes show the obvious elegance, while the thin stripes show the girlish vigor. Up.

In terms of matching, the matching method of black and white stripes is also relatively simple. It is common to match with black bottoms , The uniform color system of the whole body will increase the sense of quality of the whole body. In this comparison, Ouyang Nana’s styling is very outstanding compared to the brown LV presbyopic pants that Cecilia Cheung also matched. Up.

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