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do you know? Treatment of hemifacial spasm, these three misunderstandings are the most delayed!


There is a saying, “Left eye jumps for money, right eye jumps for disaster.” If the right eye jumps frequently, older people also like to stick a white strip of paper on the right eyelid, which means “white jump.” As everyone knows, this may be a sign of hemifacial spasm! If this disease is not treated in time, it will cause the scope of tics to expand and cause a series of complications to become complicated and difficult to heal.

Professional doctors pointed out: Three common misunderstandings in the treatment of hemifacial spasm:

  • Misunderstanding 1: Don’t take hemifacial spasm seriously

In addition to being mistaken for saccades and wind exposure, hemifacial spasm is also thought to be a reaction of body aging due to the concentration of its onset population after middle age. Many patients will also mistake it for a reaction of body aging and allow it to develop. In clinical practice, many patients still do not know that they are suffering from hemifacial spasm even in the advanced stages of the disease, let alone put it into treatment.

In fact, the symptoms of hemifacial spasm are more typical, and patients can judge by themselves based on the following characteristics.

  1. Paroxysmal involuntary twitches that begin on one eyelid, and can extend to other facial muscles on the same side with time, and it is very common to have mouth-corner muscle twitches.
  2. The seizures recurring and cannot be controlled by oneself, and they tend to aggravate when they are nervous or talking with others.
  3. In severe cases, the eyes cannot be opened, the corners of the mouth are skewed, and it is impossible to work or study normally.

Of course, hemifacial spasm needs to be distinguished from the sequelae of facial paralysis, idiopathic blepharospasm, Major’s syndrome, ADHD, chorea and other diseases. Therefore, patients with the above symptoms should go to a regular hospital for examination as soon as possible. Appropriate treatment can only be selected after accurate diagnosis.

  • Misunderstanding 2: False Belief in Informal Treatment

There are many irregular treatments for hemifacial spasm, and exaggerated publicity is overwhelming. This will not only waste a lot of time and expense for patients, but also miss the ideal treatment opportunity, and even leave serious sequelae.

  • Misunderstanding 3: Overwhelmed by many treatment options

At present, the clinical treatment of hemifacial spasm is diverse and mixed, including drug treatment, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, injection of botulinum toxin, sealing, facial nerve grooming, microvascular decompression, etc. Many patients have also fallen into this How to choose a treatment plan in confusion.

The doctor pointed out: The therapeutic effects of different methods are very different. For example, some treatments can temporarily reduce the degree of facial twitches, but cannot eliminate them; some treatments can block nerve conduction through the toxic effect of drugs on nerves. The advantage is that the operation is simple, but it needs to be repeated. Injection, and long-term injection may cause permanent facial paralysis; some operations, such as facial nerve grooming, have the risk of easy recurrence.

Warm reminder: Hemifacial spasm disease is not incurable. What needs to be clear is that as long as you go to a professional institution to diagnose the cause of the disease in the early stage of onset, and then customize a targeted treatment plan for the condition, you can quickly return to your normal face.