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Do you own the shirt that is hot in summer?


In previous summers, I mostly picked light blue and plain white. This year I added green, but no matter how it changes, such a classic white shirt is still my first choice.

Trends are fickle, pink is hot, and green is dominant, but no matter how it changes, choosing white in the summer will not go wrong. And this white shirt, I like it from spring to summer.

First of all, these classic basic models are not only versatile, but also will not be outdated.
In addition to the basic style, white shirts also have many particularly novel styles for us to choose from.

And there are some bright colorful shirts, which are more feel when worn in summer, and colorful colors are the way of summer. There are also prints that are also very good, all kinds of prints, you are not afraid of hitting your shirt when you go out. Once matched, it will definitely make people’s eyes shine. , The style changes every year, but some classic elements will never change. 0 1 Palace sleeve + one-word collar The first is this white shirt with court sleeves. The sleeves are fluffy and the collar design is elegant and elegant. Long-sleeved style, the sleeves are relatively loose, the use of light-permeable light gauze fabric is breathable and can be sun-proof, combined with jeans, sweet and vibrant. The tie design at the neckline is also a highlight, with a thin bow, chic and feminine. The elastic fold design of the abdomen can better outline the waist line, but it is too friendly for girls with a small belly. If you want to wear this shirt, you still need to manage the small belly. Girls with a small belly can choose this style with a loose price ratio on the hem, which can also cover up the small flesh. Or this kind of style without elastic folds, the body is looser, does not show flesh, and can also achieve the purpose of slimming. You can also change the style of a shoulder in seconds, and show the collarbone and fragrant shoulder. With clavicle chain, really don’t be too sexy. The body is short, when Crop Top is worn, it is not too polite to show off abdomen. There is a little V-neck feel, and the wave-dot design makes the shirt’s style and pattern more abundant. Combine with wide-leg pants + lace-up sandals. Or pair it with straight jeans and a rattan bag. For girls who are relatively low-key and reserved, you can choose the square collar style and raise the neckline below the collarbone. This small and long one-word collar is also very suitable for girls with wide shoulders. The arms have meat or something, don’t be afraid at all. Big sleeves can be used for You keep this secret. 0 2 Palace sleeve + V-neck It starts to tighten at the waist. The V-neck design is very suitable for girls with big breasts. With beige wide-leg pants, it is neat and tidy. It is also a very fashionable commuter combination. Paired with pleated trousers, it is very three-dimensional, showing more straight lines on the legs, and paired with pointed nude high heels, the temperament is high. Pair it with light blue jeans or green trousers, and a light and delicate bag. It is very refreshing. These are my favorite two summer colors. With a checkered skirt, a pair of cat heel sandals, and an already exquisite handbag, you can go to work elegantly. Unbutton a few shirts to create a V-neck style. The versatile functionality of the white shirt is reflected here, with colorful wide-leg pants, with a pair of white pointed leather shoes, with one word to describe: COOL!!! The red stripe pattern on the white background gives the white shirt more emotional color. It can also be combined with other popular elements, such as streamers, and can be matched with denim shorts, half skirts, wide-leg pants and other items. The design highlights on the cuffs and waist are novel and unique, and can be matched with a necklace to make it more delicate. Wave point design, combined with fishtail skirt The red V-neck polka-dot shirt is paired with red-brown wide-leg pants. The colors echo each other, and the tie at the bottom of the shirt adds a sense of elegance. Irregular fold design is also a highlight Tighten the waist, highlight the waistline, sexy looks very kitsch, big breasts, small breasts can be controlled. Matching with half skirts, wide-leg pants, suit shorts and other items is easy. 0 3 Palace sleeve + round neck The round neck design has a sense of abstinence, and the neckline is decorated with wood ears, which is even more unique. Combine it with a denim skirt and a ruffled skirt, and you can wear it now. Tulle and lace fabrics, coupled with the design of ruffles and flared sleeves, are very feminine. Incorporating ethnic elements, paired with jeans with straps, it is playful and age-reducing. –END–