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Donut-shaped engagement rings cost more than 4,000 USD


The face of the ring is covered with pink enamel and multicolored gems that look like a donut.
Jewelry brand Steven Stone (UK) brings a design ring with a donut shaped face. The product was launched on the occasion of National Donut Day in the US (June 4) Metro .

Proposal ring with donut design. Photo: Getty. The ring is made of 18 carat gold, surrounded by white diamonds. The most attention-grabbing detail – the “donut” part – is covered with a pink glaze that resembles a layer of sweet cream. The “cake face” encrusted with “candies” are multicolored gemstones such as pink morganite, blue topaz, green emerald and yellow diamond. Jewelry designer and donut ring creator – Max Stone – said: “This ring was made to add more fun to your proposal. We understand that couples often apply stress about finding the perfect engagement ring, which can lead to stress. Many people love the delicious, colorful, and candy-filled donuts on top. Why not give your other half the sweet gift of a lifetime?”. The face of the ring is donut shaped with colorful gemstones. Photo: Steven Stone. Donut rings are handmade and made to order. This engagement ring is priced at £3,000 (about $4,241). Customers can customize the ring design to their liking. Prices start from £995 ($1,407) for simpler ring designs. According to information shared from the brand, customers in the UK when buying a ring will be given a box of 6 Donut Time donuts. Cakes and rings are delivered to your door. How to fix diamonds on jewelry? The jeweler shares how he keeps the diamonds in place without using glue.