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Dreaming between the romantic yellow color of the field ‘most beautiful in Vietnam’ in the ripe rice season


The perfect combination of nature makes Tam Coc as if wearing a proud yellow color, standing out on the green piece in the middle of the mountains.
We can easily look for ripe golden terraced fields in the Northwest sky or watch the mountains overlap in many places on the S-shaped land. But to find a place with mountains, rivers and plots of land. With fields stretching on both sides of the poetic banks, there is only one special place like Tam Coc – Bich Dong (Ninh Binh).

Tam Coc is located in the famous Trang An landscape complex. With a system of caves, limestone mountains, beautiful wet rice fields, this place is likened to Ha Long Bay on land and is an eco-tourism area in the true sense of the northern village. (Photo: Didauvui) The light sunshine stretching over the golden fields makes the whole Tam Coc mountain area brighten up with a poetic look, making people not only “full of eyes” but also feel satisfied with all the senses. Here, the rice fields will ripen in late May and early June in a two-week period. That is the time when visitors will be able to see the most “beautiful yellow” of the year in the most beautiful rice fields in Vietnam. (Photo: Didauvui) Tam Coc means three caves: Ca cave, Hai cave and Ba cave. All three caves are formed by the flow of rivers because the rocks in this area are limestone mountains. Ca Cave is 127m long, through a large mountain, and the mouth of the cave is over 20m wide. In the cave, the climate is cool and humid and there are many stalactites hanging down with many shapes. Bich Dong means “green cave” located 2 km from Tam Coc wharf. This is one of the landscapes in the group that the ancients called “Nam Thien De Nhi Dong”, the second most beautiful cave in the South. (Photo: @the1swhowander) From Van Lam wharf, travelers can travel the scenery around Tam Coc, watching the small houses along the river and caves. The peaceful Ngo Dong River meanders between golden rice fields on one side and wild and majestic rocky mountains on the other, creating a peaceful and romantic picture of the countryside. (Photo: Khong Giang) (Photo: Khong Giang) Looking at eye level, the rice field is like an endless stretch of silk, every time the boat glides back and forth, it flutters with each wave. But perhaps to admire all the beauty of this golden season, standing on high is the most ideal choice. From the top of the mountain, the beauty of the ripe rice fields seems to be multiplied many times. Rice bends along the Ngo Dong river with soft bends, and in the distance are undulating mountain ranges. In the middle of the stream are boats carrying gold particles… It’s an impressive moment that anyone who has ever been to can never forget. (Photo: Thai Phong Gallery) The scenery here in the ripe rice crop brings a feeling of light relaxation, you will feel that you can temporarily let go of the chaos of life and breathe in the fresh air. On an early summer morning with clear, cool weather, what could be better than flicking the oars to listen in the deepest ear to the silence of space, the sound of waves crashing on the side of the boat, the singing of birds and the sound of birdsong? Take the vision to follow the stream of water reflecting the vast green mountains and clouds, immersing yourself in the rustic and pristine nature.