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Spending 300 million VND, the 4th grade house of a multi-generational family in Soc Son renovated like new


The level 4 house in Soc Son was renovated when the old house was seriously degraded, unable to serve the daily needs of the growing family of 3 generations. However, due to limited financial resources, the owner and the group of architects decided to take advantage of the ‘old ones’ to save maximum costs.
The work is renovated on the basis of 2 level 4 houses and 1 motel suite with 7 rooms. Although the West facade is the direction to welcome the hot sun, but thanks to the mountainous terrain in Soc Son, the climate here is always fresh and cool, which is a plus point for the project to be designed in a slightly integrated direction. nature.

The deteriorated condition of the house The renovation process is recorded by the design team The request of the owner for the architect team is to design a building with a comfortable living space full of sunshine and wind, while retaining part of the current state to optimize the cost as possible. After the renovation, the first impression is the facade with a combination of rustic ceiling tiles and white wind cotton tiles. The old wall panels combined with the new wall not only have the effect of dividing and separating blocks, but also create a harmonious contrast between the “old-new” language for the facade of the building. Level 4 house completely “makeover” after renovation, the façade stands out with the combination of white wind cotton brick wall and rough ceiling brick. The wind-cement brick facade has both the effect of blocking the hot sun and effective air conditioning inside and out Looking at the overall plan, 2 level 4 houses are located on the right, on the left is a row of hostels with 7 rooms, in the middle is the aisle and corridor. The architect used the trick of merging functional blocks on the ground, 2 level 4 houses with an area just enough to convert into a common living space including the living room outside, the kitchen – dining inside. A row of small 7-room motels converted into spaces for 3 bedrooms. The architect also used the technique of merging blocks on the vertical wall of the wall, the old wall panels kept with a lower height than the new design of the house will be built to make up for the shortfall. Along with the newly added wall panels, the architect team also demolished some old wall panels to unify the functional blocks. The team of architects decided to keep the bare bare walls from the current state of the work, in order to optimize the renovation cost for the owner. The combination of “old-new” walls brings many emotions to family members. The west sun can’t shine directly into the house thanks to the wind cotton brick wall, and at the same time creates very beautiful sun shades Spacious lobby, connecting the public and private spaces of the building The corridor area spends a part of the area to plant bonsai under the skylight and design the tea table The open-air well brings fresh air and sunlight into the house The main living room of the house still uses the old table and chairs. This space is filled with light thanks to the glass doors in the main door and windows Construction site drawing Drawing of elevation and section of the building Level 4 house in Soc Son is a reasonable renovation model, both aesthetic and functional, but not too expensive in terms of costs when the architect team cleverly takes advantage of old walls and furniture. The “revival” of the house has stuck with the family for many years, bringing different levels of emotions to family members.