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EVNSPC digitizes production and business


Nguyen Phuoc Duc, General Director of Southern Electricity Corporation (EVNSPC), said that in the period of 2021 -2022 to 2025, the Corporation is implementing digital transformation with 5 key tasks.

Customers are using the electricity customer management system built by EVNICT. Hoang Dung/BNEWS/VNA Specifically, the Corporation promotes the application of digital technology to innovate and improve the management and operation process of the power system; Design experiences to attract more and more customers to interact on digital channels, enhance analytics to understand customers. The Corporation also improves processes, optimizes corporate governance, enhances governance and data-driven decision-making; Build a digitally savvy, conscious and skilled workforce. At the same time, build a strong and flexible digital ecosystem, maximize shared services and data, and enhance security. This transformation, according to EVNSPC’s General Director, aims to improve management capacity and efficient exploitation and operation of the power grid; improve the quality of customer service in the field of electricity business. Besides, improving project management capacity in the field of construction investment; improve internal management capacity; improve telecommunications infrastructure capacity, apply digital technology platforms. In order to carry out the set tasks, EVNSPC has developed specific plans and solutions. One of the remarkable solutions being implemented by the Corporation is the successful deployment of interconnected and integrated shared applications of the Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) according to the roadmap, and at the same time studying develop specific software to meet the requirements of sustainable development of EVNSPC. Along with the coordination to complete the overall monitoring system of information technology and telecommunications infrastructure, used exclusively as a capacity building tool for management consulting and administration on the application and development of science and technology in Vietnam. At all levels throughout EVNSPC, the Corporation also ensures information safety and security at all levels, meeting the readiness for the digital transformation roadmap for the period 2021 – 2022./