Home Cuisine Extremely strange dish made from fish testicles is loved by Japanese men

Extremely strange dish made from fish testicles is loved by Japanese men


Favored by Japanese men, shirako is a specialty dish with high nutritional value, said to be a “panacea” for kidney and yang, enhancing vitality.

Shirako is the common name of a Japanese specialty dish made from the sperm sacs of cod and some other marine fish. In other words, it is the male fish testicle. Usually served with rice or eaten separately in a deep-fried way, shirako is really popular in Japan. Especially Japanese men, with the belief that “you can eat whatever you eat”, they love this dish from fish testicles with soft texture and mild fatty flavor with a hint of the sea. There are many people who are averse to this Japanese specialty dish and the initial feeling when tasting a piece of shiroka will certainly be a bit creepy, but after that, most people will be conquered by the unique taste of shiroka. instant food. According to many culinary experts, the taste and texture of shirako resembles melted cream cheese. Many people who are used to eating shirako will choose to eat it raw, with green onions and lemon, and dipping sauce. The taste is soft like butter, a bit fishy and salty but not too thick, this dish attracts right from the first bite. However, for many newcomers who want to enjoy this specialty dish, this is not an ideal choice. Should choose shirako added to soups and some other dishes or cooked with kimchi mushrooms, radish. Thus, the light fishy taste of shirako will help the dishes have more emphasis and uniqueness. The ingredients commonly used by the Japanese for this dish are the testicles of cod and puffer fish. In particular, cod testicles are the most popular because the taste of this fish makes the dish more complete. Puffer fish was also chosen because it is an easy fish to find and is popular in Japan. Another small note is that if you want to enjoy this dish with the most perfect taste, choose the winter time, around December. At this time, the cod and puffer fish come to the breeding period, so the quality of the crystal is high. Complete is also better.