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Family is the fulcrum that helps me overcome all difficulties


She had undergone a spleen removal surgery and had to undergo regular treatment, but every day, Ms. Hoang Thi Tam, a worker at Production Department 5, Yamaha Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd., tries to complete well. assigned work. According to Ms. Tam, one of the great motivations for her peace of mind to work is from her small family.
Born and raised in the countryside in Vinh Loc commune, Thanh Hoa province, she has been attached to agriculture since she was a child, so more than anyone else, Ms. Hoang Thi Tam is a person who understands the hardships of farm work. In 2002, following the advice of a relative working in Hanoi, Ms. Tam applied to work at Yamaha Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd. and has been with the company since then.

At work, Ms. Tam is always highly appreciated by department heads for her enthusiasm and responsibility at work. Sharing with reporters, Ms. Tam said that while working at the company, she always successfully completed the tasks assigned by her superiors. Along with that, she also enthusiastically participates in activities organized by the Executive Committee of the Company’s Trade Union as well as the superior Trade Union, which is the leading flag in the movement work of the Production Department 5. Not only a passionate and responsible worker, Hoang Thi Tam is also a skillful woman in taking care of her family’s happiness. Especially, during the working process, Ms. Tam is always eager to learn and often has initiatives and contributions to benefit the company. Specifically, in the new working days, finding that counting machine details by manual method takes a lot of time, while the company has very few workers, Ms. Tam proposed to leaders buy specialized electronic scales to weigh goods, thereby greatly shortening the production time, the number of assembled motorcycles is also increasing gradually. Not only that, while working at the workshop, Ms. Tam observed that the trailers were fitted with new wheels, were not lubricated and maintained regularly, so when towing was very heavy and laborious, especially when there were many goods. From the above situation, she proposed to the professional department to maintain the car once a week so that the car could meet the job requirements. Ms. Tam’s suggestions were implemented by the company and highly appreciated for their practicality. It is known that during her work, Ms. Hoang Thi Tam was rewarded as one of the typical examples in the emulation movement of the workshop in 2017; achieved excellent achievements in factory improvement 2018; achieved excellent results in Kaizen activities in 2019 and achieved excellent results in 2020. Despite many difficulties and challenges in life, Ms. Tam still rose in life and became an excellent worker of the company. In 2019, Ms. Tam suffered from swollen spleen, frequent and intense pain caused her to undergo surgery to remove the spleen. Many years have passed, however, at present, Ms. Tam still has to undergo regular treatment with extremely expensive costs. “Since the surgery, I have to maintain my health in many ways. These drugs are quite expensive, there are pills worth nearly 200,000 VND, but in order to reduce the disease, you can only rely on supportive drugs. During the epidemic, medicine was not available at the pharmacies at the hospital and outside, there were days when I had to wait for a long time at Bach Mai Hospital to be able to buy the medicine “- Ms. Tam shared. She is sick herself, but Tam always tries to cultivate and take care of her family’s happiness. Due to her husband’s unstable job, not fixed time, she also often has to work shifts, so she had to send her children to her grandparents to take care of. Knowing that grandparents at home work hard to take care of their grandchildren, so she and her husband also try to work hard to have money to send back to grandparents and save money for future life. Understanding the sacrifices and hardships of Tam’s wife and husband, Nguyen Van Thao, besides working outside, also takes advantage of his free time to help his wife in daily life. Perhaps seeing his wife sick often, thin and sick, he always competes for work, never letting his wife work hard. “He always spends time helping out with housework with his wife, doesn’t mind daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning the house… Although his job is not stable, he still overcomes difficulties to rise up, always encouraging his great wife. trying to cure diseases and earn money to send back to my hometown to my grandparents to raise their children,” Tam confided. Although they have to be far away from the loving arms of their parents, the two children of Tam and her husband always maintain good academic records so that their parents can rest assured in their work. Currently, the eldest son of Ms. Tam and her husband is in 5th grade, and the younger daughter is in 2nd grade. Every day, after dinner, the two brothers tell each other to study together, not letting grandparents remind , worry. For 4 consecutive years, her eldest son has won the title of excellent student. The young daughter also won the title of good student in 2019-2020. “Because of circumstances, my wife and I have to be away from our children. I just hope that the children will understand, study hard and listen to their grandparents so that the couple can work with peace of mind “- Mrs. Tam said sadly. Knowing that parents on both sides of the country will have a harder time without their children, so Tam and her husband often take advantage of the holiday time to encourage everyone. Every time she goes back to her hometown, seeing her family together, healthy parents on both sides, her children studying hard and doing well, Tam completely forgets about fatigue and illness. For Ms. Tam, happiness is simply after a day of work, returning to the motel room and seeing her well-behaved children, healthy family on both sides. Despite many difficulties, Ms. Hoang Thi Tam always overcomes all circumstances to fulfill all the tasks assigned by her superiors and is a good woman of the family. In particular, in the locality and temporary residence, Ms. Tam’s family always has a healthy, simple, friendly lifestyle, and is loved by neighbors, so Hoang Thi Tam’s family has been established by the Labor Union. Hanoi City is honored as the typical family of workers, officials and workers nationwide in the period 2016-2020, honored and rewarded by the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor.